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Ensure Compliance

Handling regulatory compliance with Information Governance gains businesses a competitive edge

Why Compliance can be an issue for businesses

As regulatory reform evolves globally, organizations are increasingly facing the complexity of adhering to tens of thousands of regulations, which can significantly slow operations and affect productivity. In such situations ensuring compliance is best achieved by alleviating regulatory red tape and complexity with automation that allows compliance to be easy for employees.

Information Governance makes compliance easy

The best Information Governance programs work in the background, neatly integrating with operational processes and enabling employees to work how and where they want to without disruption, whilst consistently delivering compliance to internal organizational policies and external regulations

Infographic – 5 Information Governance Requirements for Regulatory Compliance

Learn More About Compliance

View the EIM Regulatory Compliance – Quick Reference Guide

EIM Regulatory Compliance – Quick Reference Guide

The EIM Regulatory Compliance – Quick Reference Guide lists 30+ regulations, summary descriptions, industries affected, and associated EIM requirements.

View the EIM and the World of Regulatory Compliance Infographic

EIM and the World of Regulatory Compliance Infographic

The EIM and the World of Regulatory Compliance Infographic is an at-a-glance map of key regulations around the world and their EIM requirements.

Read the Compliance Briefs

Compliance Briefs

One-page summaries of key regulations, their requirements, who should care and how OpenText can help.

 HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules

 Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Rule



 FDA 21 CFR Part 11


 Government FOIA

 SEC Rule 17a-4

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Clark County Builds a Cohesive Information Management Strategy

Clark County, Nevada meets transparency, governance and compliance requirements with OpenText EIM.


Find an OpenText Compliance Solution

PCI-DSS Compliance Privacy legislation and standards are expanding and evolving all over the world, and each new version is more stringent than the last. OpenText helped a large government agency achieve PCI-DSS compliance by processing and redacting credit card data on 2.3 million documents. Read the customer success story.
Sustainability Customers, investors and other stakeholders are increasingly demanding more disclosure of information and data from companies on how they are addressing sustainability issues. Learn what kind of environmental savings can be made by removing paper-based transactions from your business, using the largest global business network, Trading Grid
Conflict Minerals Reporting There are numerous regulations forcing companies to take a hard look at their supplier ecosystems. OpenText Conflict Minerals Reporting solution is a cloud-based platform for distributing and tracking responses to conflict minerals assessments allowing companies to meet an important corporate social responsibility objective and file mandated reports on time.
HIPAA and HITECH Compliance Facilitate compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule and HITECH Act Meaningful Use provision with RightFax and RightFax Healthcare Direct. The result is secure health information exchange by using a simple, standards-based way for participants to send authenticated, encrypted health information directly to known, trusted recipients over the Internet. 
Title 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Highly regulated industries are subject to strict regulations that dictate how, when and under what circumstances electronic documents can be authored, updated, approved, published and archived. OpenText Regulated Documents can help make regulatory compliance an integral part of their document management and control processes. 
Regulated Records Retention & Disposition Many industries—and especially highly regulated sectors such as Energy, Financial Services, and Life Sciences—are subject to regulations to retain large volumes of records for a mandated period of time. OpenText Records Management enhances corporate accountability, ensures regulatory compliance, and minimises the risks associated with audit and litigation.
Accessibility Compliance Many countries and regions have laws to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. OpenText Automated Output Accessibility is an automated solution for creating high-volume personalized and transactional documents in accessible PDF/UA format. This revolutionary solution enables organizations to create accessible and compliant communications that can be delivered online. In addition, the OpenText Document Accessibility solution enables all ad hoc PDF content created by an information worker, be accessible by visually impaired people, thus, creating a total digital inclusive environment.
Contract Management Legal teams are often faced with the challenge of ensuring that their contract templates and variable clauses are kept up-to-date with current legislation and policies. OpenText Contract Center facilitates compliance with the most comprehensive information governance policies and regulations across the contract management lifecycle.

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Five Compliance Challenges Facing Your Organization in 2017

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Learn what kind of environmental savings can be made by removing paper-based transactions from your business.

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Managing Governance, Risk and Compliance with ECM and BPM

Learn why ECM and BPM should be central to your corporate governance, risk and compliance program.

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Compliance – Not just a necessary evil. It’s good for business

Having an effective Compliance Program is not only the right thing to do, it also makes good business sense.

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Compliance Week asks OpenText

“Should the Chief Compliance Officer be involved in Cloud Strategy discussions?”  The answer is Yes!

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Data Privacy in the Cloud: Five Current Issues in Compliance

Data Privacy in the Cloud

Are you addressing the top compliance issues in the cloud? Learn more about how data privacy, sovereignty and security affect your cloud strategy.

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