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Data Privacy Compliance

Solutions to mitigate risk and manage ongoing compliance

GDPR cover image. Full name, age, gender, telephone number, tax info, address, citizenship, birth date, education, travel document, national identity numbers, criminal record.We live in a time of unprecedented regulatory change and growth with stringent data privacy regulations evolving rapidly around the world. The need to protect personal data has become mission critical across all industry sectors, bringing compliance challenges and opportunities to achieving a competitive advantage, ensuring continued brand loyalty and safeguarding customer trust.

  • Data Privacy Laws
  • How We Can Help

Impact of the GDPR

The GDPR took effect on May 25, 2018, ushering in a new era of data privacy.  The European Union (EU) reformed the laws addressing personal data handling, providing EU residents’ control over their own personal data regardless of where it was collected, stored or processed and increasing an organization’s exposure to harsh penalties for non-compliance.

Data privacy laws around the world

Since the GDPR, many other countries have introduced new data privacy laws, while others are reviewing their existing regulations. While the United States has not passed a federal privacy law, it has begun aggressively paving the way towards data privacy reform—placing greater emphasis on consumer rights and the type of personal information collected and used. In addition to the highly publicized California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), many other states have recently amended their laws to expand their definitions of personal information or include new reporting requirements. Undoubtedly, this will create problems for companies in complying with an ever-increasing number of laws across different states and jurisdictions.

A ‘Privacy First’ culture is needed

Building a ‘privacy first’ culture demonstrates the clearest commitment across the organization to set the highest standards for data privacy. This is necessary to adapt quickly to the different regulatory environments worldwide. As the amount and complexity of information types, flows and access grows, so do the risks and impact across all areas of the organization. Organizations must address this by establishing cross-functional teams to lead information governance efforts and build a framework and approach for ongoing data privacy compliance.

Strong Information Management is a must

Technological innovation and unprecedented volumes of structured and unstructured information are pushing the limits of privacy well beyond current regulatory standards and legal requirements. To combat these growing, and at time varying laws, enterprises are faced with demonstrating full compliance. Embracing strong information management is the first step on the journey to data privacy compliance.

The journey to data privacy compliance

An important key step is to have clarity on how personal information is managed.

Identify & Discover

  • What personal data is in your possession
  • How is that information collected/processed and used
  • Where is it stored within the organization
  • Who has access to it
  • What consent has been provided and where it is documented
  • Where is data transferred from and to (including to third parties and cross-border)

Control & Manage

  • How is personal information classified
  • How are processes and systems designed to protect data
  • Is there a defensible process for records retention and disposition
  • Can you respond to data subject access requests in a timely manner

Protect & Remediate

  • How is personal information secured throughout its lifecycle
  • How do systems detect and remediate a data breach or threat
  • What events and breaches analysis can be performed

Take control of data privacy compliance with OpenText

Organizations need to act now to ensure that they can comply with new regulations as they arise. As the leader in Information Management, OpenText is committed to helping its customers along the journey to data privacy readiness and compliance. Learn how to leverage OpenText to mitigate risk to the organization and comply with the privacy regulations.

Data Privacy Requirements

  • Automate privacy processes
  • Ensure an appropriate level of security, including confidentiality
  • Protect personal information from unauthorized access
  • Secure data in transit and at rest
  • Provide right to erasure, rectification, access, and data portability
  • Adhere to data minimization
  • Enforce records management
  • Ensure data protection by design and default
  • Provide notification in event of breach
  • Comply with cross border transfer restrictions due to data localization laws

How OpenText Can Help

  • Privacy Management from OpenText is an enterprise privacy management application that centralizes and automates privacy processes within an organization
  • Optimize data subject access request (DSAR) processes by using OpenText Axcelerate to provide an efficient, automated, and flexible approach to reduce this burden and meet time sensitive obligations and demands
  • OpenText File Intelligence provides file analysis capabilities and policy management so organizations can identify and act on content that contains personal data wherever it resides including non-compliant data stores
  • GDPR Data Discovery and Analysis Service engages OpenText Professional Services consultants who use the indexing and categorization features of OpenText File Intelligence, tuned to the GDPR definitions of personal information, to identify personal information and high-risk content residing in non-compliant stores
  • OpenText Magellan provides an artificial intelligence data analytics platform to classify, analyze and detect personal data to ensure compliance with privacy regulations and data driven insights to optimize governance and mitigate risk
  • OpenText Protect offers a cloud-based data tokenization solution to replace personal data with surrogate data, vastly reducing the points of potential data compromise and breach
  • OpenText Core for Federated Compliance – provides centralized policy management and enterprise-level oversight and validation of records compliance driven by multi-jurisdictional complexities caused by data privacy regulations
  • OpenText InfoArchive is a compliant archiving platform for preserving both unstructured and structured information with controls necessary to support regulatory compliance with the GDPR and other data privacy regulations
  • OpenText Content Suite delivers transparent, automated, enterprise-wide governance addressing records, security, and privacy compliance requirements supporting the data minimization principle
  • OpenText Documentum governance and compliance products safeguard business-critical records and manages retention to support governance and compliance with data privacy compliance regulations
  • OpenText Cloud Services offer comprehensive security and compliance capabilities and are qualified data processors – routinely interfacing with customers, regulatory bodies, and standards boards to advance compliance and serve customers’ needs
  • OpenText Product Security Assurance Program (PSAP) ensures that all our products, solutions, and services are designed, developed, and maintained with security in mind (i.e., security by design)
  • OpenText Encase Endpoint Security delivers real-time continuous monitoring, enhanced threat detection and incident response workflows to accelerate response time of data breaches
  • OpenText Encase Endpoint Investigator provides organizations with the capability to conduct deep dive incident investigations on any given endpoint to understand which data was impacted in your environment
  • OpenText Axcelerate Portable Solution provides an end-to-end, full featured eDiscovery solution for compliance with data isolation and privacy laws

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