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Engineering, Procurement and Construction solutions

Drive capital projects, streamline engineering document and data management and meet supplier requirements with OpenText Engineering, Procurement and Construction solutions

Engineering, Procurement and Construction

Today’s challenges

Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) organizations face a number of hurdles today.

  • Gaps in document control

    The large volume of documents, models and data involved in EPC projects make distribution, access, interface management and review processes fragmented and ineffective.

  • Complex supplier management

    Every EPC project introduces unique supplier contracts, deliverables and transmittals, requiring flexibility to manage shifting specifications and requirements.

  • Costly data transmission at project handover

    Transferring final data for new assets from construction to operations can be time consuming and costly, with delays causing potential plant downtime.

  • Lengthy quality assurance cycles

    The commissioning process for testing and validating new-asset operations is often long and expensive, as each system and sub-system needs to be tested against agreed-upon criteria.

Customer success stories

Benefits of OpenText Engineering, Procurement and Construction solutions

Data is quickly becoming the core for future success in the construction industry. It moves business decisions from reactive to predictive and could enable engineering and construction firms to outpace their competition.

2019 Engineering and Construction Industry Outlook, Deloitte

Engineering and Construction solutions

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