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Create dynamic content experiences, improve security and compliance and sustain consumer trust with OpenText Media and Entertainment solutions

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Today’s challenges

Media and Entertainment organizations face challenges that can impede customer traction, brand relevance and revenue growth.

  • Competition for consumer attention

    Consumers’ unquenchable thirst for engaging content requires diverse, multichannel strategies that target the right people on the right platform at the right time.

  • Managing legal obligations and risk

    Information silos make litigation discovery, data breach response, financial contract analysis and compliance efforts costly and time-intensive.

  • Intensified regulatory scrutiny

    FCPA, COPPA, GDPR and other regulations require careful adherence to minimize the risk of non-compliance and maintain consumer trust.

  • Creative strain

    Attempting to meet customer demand for more multimedia content in various formats is straining staffs and budgets.

Customer success stories

OpenText Media and Entertainment solutions benefits

[In 2019] what we have in terms of digital transformation trends in entertainment and media is truly reflected in the trends of media consumption. People want content on demand—tailored to their interests—and accessible any time they want it.

Forbes, Top 4 Digital Transformation Trends in Media and Entertainment for 2019

OpenText Media and Entertainment solutions

Streamline reviews on multimedia files for better, faster creative projects

OpenText™ Hightail™

Create personalized, engaging and relevant customer experiences

OpenText™ TeamSite™

Easily create, manage and deliver digital media and content

OpenText™ Media Management

Implement a successful customer experience strategy

OpenText™ Experience Suite Platform

Streamline eDiscovery and compliance activities

OpenText™ Axcelerate™

Secure, access and manage legal content throughout the lifecycle

OpenText™ eDOCS

Leverage AI to optimize operations and productivity

OpenText™ Magellan™

Gain superior insights with integrated analytics

OpenText™ Magellan™ Analytics Suite

Optimize customer experiences on every channel

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