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Public Sector solutions

Digitize processes and meet the challenges of fiscal austerity, transparent accountability and streamlined citizen services with Public Sector solutions from OpenText

Discover how Public Sector organizations can accelerate digital transformation with OpenText solutions.

Today's challenges

Public Sector organizations, including federal, regional and local governments, face significant challenges.

  • High customer expectations

    Today’s consumers are more sophisticated than ever, demanding rich experiences with omnichannel, self-service online and mobile options.

  • Legacy system maintenance costs

    Antiquated systems carry operational and maintenance burdens and security risks that can stifle innovation.

  • The need to integrate data analysis

    Analytics is not a part of most decision-making processes in the Public Sector, leaving organizations without the insight to make effective, well-informed decisions.

  • Cloud migration issues

    Public Sector IT departments struggle to migrate data to a cloud environment due to regulatory restrictions and security requirements.

Customer success stories

OpenText Public Sector solutions benefits

By 2023, more than 80% of the government's digital implementations that do not build on a technology platform will fail to meet objectives.

Gartner: A Digital Government Technology Platform Is Essential to Government Transformation, 2018

OpenText Public Sector solutions

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