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What is customer experience management?

Customer experience management (CEM) is the practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed their expectations for greater customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy.

Customer experience management platforms offer a set of solutions to create and deliver omnichannel experiences and track customer interactions throughout their journey. They help organizations collaborate better and execute faster to deliver highly personalized experiences, at scale.

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Experience platform overview

OpenText™ Customer Experience platform empowers Marketing and Line-of-Business teams to augment the current systems of record, such as MRM, CRM and ERP, capabilities to intelligently create, individual experiences for true data driven omnichannel experiences at scale.

OpenText Experience Cloud Edition solutions are available on-premises and in the Cloud to offer the freedom and flexibility organizations need to deploy their solutions quickly.

Watch and learn how the OpenText™ Experience platform transforms the customer experience.

CEM software benefits

  • Improve customer experience

    Optimize operations and embrace new business digital models to fuel growth through a sustainable differentiation.

  • Leverage Data

    Augment and bridge customer’s current transactional systems to intelligently create, personalize, deliver, monitor and enable insight-driven, true anonymous and authenticated omnichannel experiences.

  • Rely on market leading CEM solutions

    Leverage best of breed, integrated, open and scalable an Omnichannel Experience Platform (Headless) powered by AI or ML.

  • Transform business at individual pace

    Enable a pragmatic, high value and low risk approach to support customer’s digital transformation strategy.

CEM Software Products

  • Web content management software (WCMS)

    Delivers personalized, omnichannel digital experiences through an intuitive and flexible enterprise web content management system.

    OpenText™ TeamSite
  • Website optimization tool

    Build specific target audiences and perform A/B and multivariate testing to identify what content resonates best.

    OpenText™ Optimost™
  • Customer communications management (CCM) software

    Promotes customer engagement through the design and delivery of personalized omnichannel communications.

    OpenText™ Exstream™
  • Output Management Software

    Provides assured delivery of business-critical documents to a variety of endpoints, including printers, fax, online portals and FTP.

    Output Server
  • Digital asset management (DAM) software

    Store multimedia files including photos, videos, audio and other critical resources integral to enterprise marketing and campaign activities in an Enterprise DAM software solution and repository.

    OpenText™ Media Management
  • Creative team collaboration software

    Boost creative review cycles with a centralized platform to easily annotate, preview and share large files with internal teams and agencies.

    OpenText™ Hightail™
  • Customer journey insights

    Capture customer event data, from any channel, application or device. Map customer journeys and track customer activity.

    OpenText™ Core Experience Insights
  • Voice of the Customer tools

    Use speech analytics and discovery, text analytics and customer interaction to gain insight into customer experiences and behaviors.

    OpenText™ Explore
  • Call center software

    Get insights into customer intelligence through dedicated add-on modules for all your contact center management needs.

    OpenText™ Qfiniti
  • Form builder software

    Create digital forms that capture critical business information and data to improve productivity, customer service and workflow management.

    OpenText™ LiquidOffice™
  • Document capture software

    Capture, classify and extract unstructured data from paper and digital forms automatically with powerful electronic data capturing tools to help eliminate manual data entry and sorting.

    OpenText™ TeleForm™
  • Experience analytics software

    Enhance digital experience applications with embedded analytics and predictive analytics insights.

    OpenText™ Experience Analytics
  • Experience platform

    Manage the digital experience with a range of integrated best-of-breed solutions, covering omnichannel content and communication creation and delivery, as well as customer insight analytics.

    OpenText™ Experience Platform

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