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OpenText Cordys

Many business processes are highly structured, prescriptive and rules based. However, in many industries such as financial services, insurance and government, there is a strong need to support more flexible, unstructured business processes that are based upon human judgment and interaction between experts, the customers and the organization. This is where traditional straight-through business process models fall short in covering the need for flexibility on how the process should evolve and who should participate in executing the process. In such an environment Dynamic Case Management is the right approach.


Make better decisions

Dynamic Case Management empowers personnel to take effective decisions based on the context of the case. The decision support provided by Cordys Case Management allows knowledge workers to be flexible in defining the right step or "next best action" in the process and to decide who should be involved in performing the next activities. Case templates and smart applicability rules give the knowledge worker the right guidance to bring the cases to closure in the shortest possible time and least cost. Case management software will allow you to meet your SLAs and to achieve improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Monitor all cases

Access all cases and monitor their status. OpenText Cordys Case Management with its fully configurable performance and monitoring dashboards allow handling exceptional situations like incident management, issues investigation, customer complaints, missed SLAs, pending work, etc.

Improve compliancy

Be fully compliant with changing regulations and other compliance needs through case management. Role based access to case data and combining the required level of flexibility with mandatory activities ensures compliancy with applicable regulations. All the actions and decisions taken by knowledge workers are traceable and auditable for compliance.


  • Designed to be flexible for the case worker to decide on the next set of activities, based on the current activity and the context of the case as a whole.
  • Automatically creates suggested follow-ups (e.g., automatic, manual, intermediate and free) to help the case worker make the best decision
  • Supports linked processes and sub-cases
  • Includes automatic SLA management and a complete audit trail of the case



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