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OpenText Execute360

Content, workflow, and process management capabilities that integrate with your existing data processing systems

OpenText™ Execute360 provides an end-to-end document lifecycle management solution for the capture, process management, and storage of information assets. Execute360 is a powerful and highly scalable solution designed to deliver content-enabled process management solutions for small departmental applications or for enterprise-wide distributed systems that serve thousands of users. You can use the Execute360 software suite to:

  • Define workflows to manage business processes; ensure work is completed efficiently and processes are in compliance, lowering the cost of processing
  • Report on processing activities, workloads and trends
  • Manage content lifecycle; collection, validation and long-term storage and retention; prevent the loss of business-critical information and ensure document regulatory retention requirements are met
  • Capture content from multiple sources including scanned documents, fax, email, and MQ Series messaging systems

Features include:

  • Seamless integration and fully customized interfaces to tie systems and information together, providing an effective solution that helps maximize end user productivity
  • Rapid deployment with customizable, out-of-the-box software to create business-tailored user interfaces
  • Integration of Execute360 services and features with other business systems to provide a tightly coordinated solution to the business community

OpenText Execute360 is designed for and proven in high-volume, high-availability environments where 24x7 operations are critical. System performance metrics and behavior are readily available to enable reliable performance and expedite system administration and management.

Execute360 works out-of-the-box with other OpenText technologies, including: