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OpenText Quality Manager

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OpenText™ Quality Manager is an integrated business tool that helps companies to effectively manage complex quality data and processes. Designed to leverage existing IT infrastructures, the system ensures that quality-control becomes fundamental to all business processes, resulting in reduced wastage and increased profits.

Quality Manager provides a comprehensive suite of functions designed to organize, simplify, automate, communicate and manage complex quality processes throughout your enterprise. It means you can improve operational efficiencies while maintaining regulatory compliance across the value chain, within the enterprise and beyond.

Quality Manager enables you to better respond to customers in instances of inquiry or complaint and provides real-time visibility into product performance, improving the effectiveness of sales and marketing activity. By giving you seamless and transparent visibility into critical Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes, Quality Manager allows you to proactively monitor manufacturing variability, track product quality trends and manage non-conformance across the supply chain. Quality Manager will move your company one step closer to achieving Predictable Output.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce compliance risk by leveraging proven tools to meet FAA and FDA requirements and to ease computer system validation
  • Improve product quality by proactively monitoring and managing key manufacturing processes and product specifications
  • Improve customer retention by increasing your responsiveness, improving your reliability and consistently delivering high quality products
  • Improve operational efficiency while maintaining regulatory compliance across your value chain
  • Reduce wastage by better utilizing your resources

OpenText™ Quality Manager offers a range of functions that enable you to consistently deliver high quality products and services while maintaining efficient and compliant production operations.

Inspection Management

The Inspection Management module uses an intuitive browser-based, graphical user-interface to support and handle inspections and result entry triggered within batch oriented production and ongoing monitoring for continuous processing and environmental management.

Non-Conformance Management

The Non-Conformance Management module gives you an accessible overview of all processes related to the production of any inferior products. It continuously monitors key corporate data including suppliers, specification of materials and equipment used, and the people and processes involved in producing any faulty products.

Supplier Performance

The Supplier Performance module ensures that raw materials for use in production are inspected at every stage of the value chain. The solution uses a sampling model that is based on individual supplier performance to reduce the number of inspections and associated costs.

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Download the OpenText™ Quality Manager Product Overview.