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OpenText AppWorks Gateway

OpenText™ AppWorks Gateway helps you efficiently deploy all of the APIs, web services and mobile applications you build with OpenText AppWorks. It provides single sign-on, centralized app and audience management as well as seamless app updating capabilities and enables access to all of the capabilities of OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM).

  • Deploy with ease. AppWorks Gateway takes a lot of the complexity out of provisioning large numbers of applications in an enterprise environment.
  • Control application access. Because apps are independent from one another, you can allow access to specific apps for specific user audiences.
  • Manage risk. IT approves enterprise apps before they become available for end users.

How it works

1. Developer creates app using programming languages

2. Developer zips app(s) for AppWorks

3. Developer uploads to AppWorks

4. IT leader selects approved enterprise apps

5. Administrator deploys apps to appropriate audiences

6. End user uses app(s) on the devices of choice.

Key features of OpenText AppWorks gateway


AppWorks Gateway provides simple, centralized application and service install facilities including audience management (permissions), app configuration, provisioning and trusted server management. All AppWorks Gateways, apps and services use the same centralized administrative management and installation experiences.


Trigger which of your Applications are accessible to particular audience groups. Create audiences by region, platform, departments or any other category that is part of your user directory. Take advantage of OAuth 2 support and two-factor authentication.


Maintain complete control over which users have access to each application. Enable and disable applications remotely.


The AppWorks Gateway Proxy simplifies deployment and increases security for applications that consume APIs from more than one service or content repository.


The AppWorks mobile runtimes are secure by design. However, administrators can remotely wipe the mobile client and any associated data from a device in the event that it is lost or stolen.


Update applications on the server and seamlessly push the changes out to all connected devices without any interaction required by the end user. If a new application is added and enabled by the administrator, that application will appear automatically on the landing page for all users with permission to use that application.