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Business Rules Management

Streamlining business processes for customers and other stakeholders means defining smart rules and ensuring that those rules execute efficiently at runtime.

Business rules management is an integral component of OpenText AppWorks Platform. Seamlessly integrate rules within business processes and business objects during modeling and design time.


  • Ensures faster execution at run-time
  • Swifter change of business rules and process behavior at run-time
  • Enables users to own and manage rules
  • Near non-stop business operations due to highly available and robust platform

The OpenText AppWorks Platform rules management system allows for multiple editors, customizing the system for business users and IT personnel with different needs and expectations on the ease of use, power and flexibility of rule definition. Our rules management system uses a single, browser-based development environment for business and IT. This means quicker changes across the various process components, including rule testing before deployment.

Using rules management within a services-oriented architecture (SOA) enables faster performance and near non-stop business operations. Here, decisions of how your SOA works can be logically separated from the underlying services and governance.


  • Business rules are externalized from the application code and business processes in a single repository
  • Includes full audit trail of any changes made to business rules
  • Supports complex rules with nested conditions and can be modified by multiple editors
  • Supports extensible business vocabularies enabling business users to own and manage the rules