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Dynamic Case Management

A simpler way to manage complex interactions between people, content, transactions, and workflows.

The next wave of productivity gains will come from empowering knowledge workers addressing scenarios with dynamic and unpredictable interactions between people, processes and content. OpenText™ AppWorks™ gives organizations a faster, simpler way to bring consistency and efficiency to these types of processes with a dynamic case management framework that’s low-code and information-first.

Learn more about OpenText AppWorks for Dynamic Case Management in this 2-minute video.

What Is Dynamic Case Management?

Cases which involve complex interactions between content, people, transactions, and business or regulatory policies, include:

  • Incident management, for example, responding to a complaint or processing an insurance claim
  • Service requests, for example, customer onboarding
  • Process-through decision, for example, underwriting a loan

Dynamic case management is gaining importance as self-service has redirected many routine tasks away from knowledge workers. Now, non-routine, knowledge-based processes are the ones that uniquely differentiate great customer or employee experiences. In addition, competitive pressures and regulatory requirements are driving the need for efficiency and consistency in unstructured knowledge work.

Dynamic Case Management Software Benefits

  • Improve case outcomes and time to resolution: Connect knowledge workers with the information, knowledge, and people they need to resolve cases
  • Drive productivity gains: Reduce the effort needed to create, track and manage cases
  • Meet service level agreements with ease and predictability
  • Increase customer and user satisfaction: Maintain flexibility to adapt processes to individual circumstances
  • Accelerate deployment: Empower subject matter experts to take the lead with pre-built accelerators and a low-code application framework

OpenText Empowers Knowledge Work

OpenText AppWorks gives organizations a simpler way to transform knowledge work that involves complex interactions between people, content, transactions and workflows across multiple systems of record. It supports a diverse range of cases including client onboarding, application or claims processing, service requests and more.

Moving Beyond Content Management: Decisions Dictate the Process

Since a case may include different documents at different stages, it’s critical that the dynamic case management framework integrates with enterprise content repositories and relevant content management functions. However, decisions, not content, drive case processes forward.

With OpenText AppWorks, end users have with an in-context, 360-degree view of case information relevant to the case’s lifecycle stage, tightly integrated with case workflows and multidirectional integration with all the relevant enterprise systems. The Connected Workspace from OpenText Extended ECM for AppWorks brings rich information about people, process, data, and tasks into one view and integrates with OpenText Content Suite for a full lifecycle of information capture, management, and output in case communications.

AppWorks can also integrate with a variety of third-party content repositories.

Smarter Case Handling Automation

AppWorks helps organizations use analysis to guide knowledge workers on the best actions and to determine where the process should go next. It:

  • Orchestrates interactions and workflows between the underlying systems behind the scenes, while maintaining integrity of the systems of record
  • Makes recommendations on next best actions, based on predefined rules, custom algorithms, or contextual information
  • Allows workers to modify case progression and initiate ad hoc tasks based on the tasks at hand
  • Seamlessly automates routine tasks with traditional business process management (BPM) capabilities

Dynamic Case Management Accelerators and Low-Code Development for Digital Speed

With low-code, natively mobile applications that are quick to build and deploy, the OpenText dynamic case management solution accelerates productivity improvements, drives service consistency and leads to better case outcomes.

AppWorks includes a set of Dynamic Case Management Accelerators include fully customizable interaction patterns, workflows, information architectures, lifecycles and user roles. With fully operational business logic to support defined steps in a case’s workflow, the Accelerators cut days or weeks off development time.

In addition, OpenText AppWorks lets “citizen developers” and IT model cases in the way that subject matter experts think about them, around the information that drives action, so business users sit at the center of app development and iteration.

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