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Enterprise Integrations

The OpenText™ AppWorks Platform provides end-to-end development, deployment and administration of Business Web Services in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Whether your processes need integrations to popular enterprise systems such as SAP or Oracle or bespoke legacy systems, AppWorks maximizes developer efficiency and runtime performance.

Create a metadata repository of web services stemming from other external systems like ERP and CRM applications, databases, etc. Design business processes, user interfaces and application logic that combines multiple web services using drag-and-drop tools.

Business web services delivered by the OpenText AppWorks Platform support various patterns to define services on multiple levels of granularity to increase code reuse. A “peer-to-peer” communication paradigm enables every web service as a loosely coupled, distributed service, with the associated benefits of granular failover and scalability.


  • Faster, standards-based development
  • Efficient modification of process flows using the same integrations
  • More code reuse
  • Extend the life of legacy systems