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Low-Code Development

As organizations work to automate more knowledge-driven business processes, business and IT need to speak the same language. With complex task management passing through multiple stages and decision points, it takes a lot of effort for subject matter experts to explain processes to someone else, particularly a software developer who may or may not have domain knowledge. When requirements are misunderstood, we usually blame the developer for not listening. But in truth, it’s just as common for the business owner to have struggled to properly explain every concept.

Learn more about OpenText AppWorks and low-code application development.

The low-code application development platform in OpenText™ AppWorks™ gives business owners and subject matter experts a direct role in developing digital business automation. It’s an information-centered approach: Business users can think about the policy or workflow from their perspective, defining the information that needs action rather than working around a rigid process.

Both business and IT can communicate with each other about requirements using a common language, and they leave much less to get "lost in translation."

AppWorks improves application development in three ways:

  • It brings application development closer to the subject matter expert. By enabling the subject matter expert to engage directly in the development of the application, the likelihood of time and resource wasting communications errors is reduced.
  • It minimizes the need for code. The code is complex and expensive to design, create and test. When the amount of new code necessary to build an application is lowered, the cost of that application is also lowered.
  • It focuses developers on the toughest problems and on enterprise system integrations, rather than spreading them thinly across routine and non-routine work.
  • It gives business users more visibility into the application as it takes shape. AppWorks makes it more practical to build the prototypes and quick sprints that bring ideas to life and iterate over time.

AppWorks provides pre-built building blocks for common application elements such as lists, dashboards, navigation, forms, and so on. In addition, the platform includes accelerators designed to speed development of specific digital business automation use cases such as dynamic case management.

The result is an application development platform that speeds the time to market for new applications, simplifies effort required to modify and update processes and allows for experimentation.