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Process Intelligence

Gain insight into the effectiveness of your business processes with analytics, reports and dashboards

OpenText Process Intelligence provides operational status information and business insights for digital business automation. Its reports, dashboards and data exploration capabilities enable smarter automation:

  • Integrate key performance metrics from multiple systems for improved clarity and efficiency
  • Support “big data” initiatives by performing analysis across multiple dimensions and with large data sets.
  • Use advanced data graphing and reporting to provide faster and deeper insight and contribute to improved decision making.

More than simply reporting on processes, OpenText Process Intelligence provides complete visibility to your people and processes so you can optimize activities to meet business objectives.

Built for business users, Process Intelligence leverages OpenText Information Hub (iHub) so users can easily access the insight they need when they need it. With pre-built reports that can be customized to your specific needs, Process Intelligence eliminates the traditionally complex task of building, deploying and using a business intelligence tool. The focus is where it should be, on improving business results.

Process Intelligence enables you to:

  • Make faster business decisions: Use dynamic reporting capabilities to understand what processes are not meeting SLAs, why employees are falling behind and which customers need assistance.
  • Implement role-based, intuitive dashboards with easy-to-use-tools: Configure your dashboard to display exactly the type of data you need, without waiting for IT.
  • Manage your workforce in near real-time to provide exceptional service: Monitor backlogs of work and reallocate work to your top performing employees.

Out-of-the-box with Process Intelligence

Simple dashboards with complete metrics:

  • Create intuitive dashboards for users at all levels with easy-to-use tools.
  • Deliver out-of-the-box reporting based on the process and role.
  • Integrate reporting and dashboards with OpenText Portal and Microsoft® SharePoint®.
  • Integrate reports and dashboards in Process Experience.
  • Leverage the platforms your users already use today.

Comprehensive reporting and management:

  • Measure efficiency and performance of workers via process-aware analytics.
  • Monitor processes, comparing employee performance, to gauge efficiency at the task and process level.
  • Monitor backlogs of work and reallocate work to your top performing employees.
  • Alert supervisors, managers, and process participants to issues that may affect the process or their work efforts.

The easiest business reporting and monitoring solution:

  • Capture events from any system and interpret as steps in a business process.
  • Extend process analytics to gain end-to-end visibility of your business.
  • Eliminate the complexity of multi-system processes across departments and your organization.