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OpenText Contract Center

Centralize contract management for increased productivity

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OpenText Contract Center overview

Contract management software allows business groups to access and effectively collaborate on all contracts throughout their lifecycles. OpenText™ Contract Center transforms contract management by centralizing, automating and prioritizing all contract-related activities.

Combining intelligent, flexible process automation with powerful analytics and OpenText’s industry-leading content management platform, Contract Center accelerates cycle times, drives operational efficiency and minimizes risk to allow staff to focus on delivering the highest possible value from contracts and legal agreements.

Learn how OpenText™ Contract Center automates contract management

OpenText Contract Center features

  • Centralize contract management

    Stores and manages all contracts across the organization in a centralized, secure repository.

  • Utilize predefined contract templates

    Allows users to automatically create contracts with the appropriate terms for specific business situations and modify contracts with approved clauses from a clause library.

  • Automate reviews

    Provides predefined sets of work items, reviews, updates and gates or allows users to configure alternate contract lifecycle flows to match existing business processes.

  • Gain contract visibility

    Offers out-of-the-box reports, dashboards and reporting tools to ensure adherence to contractual obligations and to track incentives and milestones.

  • Simplify contract authoring

    Allows users to edit contracts inline, directly within Contract Center, without using an external word processing tool.

  • Ensure contract security

    Meets the most comprehensive information governance policies and procedures, while saving time and money.

OpenText Contract Center benefits

  • Accelerate contract cycle times

    Automate contract processing, from creation, negotiation and approval to management and renewal.

  • Increase stakeholder satisfaction

    Effectively access all contracts and easily collaborate with both internal and external stakeholders.

  • Reduce risk and liability

    Standardize contracts and improve visibility with contract lifecycle management to more easily manage compliance and update contracts as needed.

  • Drive cost reductions and operational efficiencies

    Streamline contract creation, review document workflows and improve contract adherence with intelligent automation.

  • Maximize business insight

    Create reports that include data from additional sources, such as ERP and CRM systems, to provide insight and value across the enterprise.

  • Ensure a single point of truth

    Centralize and secure all contracts in one solution so all business groups can effectively access, share, control and manage contracts.

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Accelerate contract cycle times

Implement a centralized contract management system for increased productivity, improved profitability and reduced risk.

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Transform contract management

Learn about recent enhancements to OpenText Contract Center.

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