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OpenText Advanced Media Orchestration

Orchestrate and optimize the complete digital media supply chain

Digital transformation has generated an explosion in the volume of rich media assets needed to produce a quality customer experience – and in the speed at which new assets must be created and distributed.

Managing the project lifecycle of digital media assets requires working with a variety of content creators and stakeholders. This complex digital media supply chain is made more intricate by multiple workflows, tools, repositories, and systems, plus outdated paper-based review processes. And a lack of visibility into project status and asset usage increases costs. Point solutions implemented in individual departments make organizations even less effective at planning campaigns and maximizing return on investment enterprise-wide.

Learn more about Advanced Media Orchestration in this 2-minute video.

OpenText™ Advanced Media Orchestration provides an agile platform that serves as the backbone of your digital business. You configure applications to orchestrate the digital supply chain for lines of business and important creative functions, tapping into a broad set of content production, management, integration, and workflow services as well as intelligent control to distribute content to the right channel for user’s devices.

OpenText Advanced Media Orchestration Benefits

  • Accelerate revenue: Build faster, more agile creative processes
  • Invest in the right content by understanding return on investment for every digital asset
  • Cut technology costs: Eliminate the expense of multiple overlapping systems and the difficulty of trying to get them to talk to each other
  • Control the brand experience: Produce assets with consistent processes and gain visibility into asset usage

Centralize Governance and Analytics to Understand ROI

It’s difficult to understand the return on investment for expensive digital assets when organizations cannot track the time, effort, and money that went into creating and localizing them or know where they are being used. Only a single system can give you the visibility to truly understand content ROI and stamp out duplicate spending.

OpenText Advanced Media Orchestration houses all of your marketing applications in one place, as a shared service, with centralized maintenance, governance, and analytics.

Orchestrate Creative Processes as Unique as Your Brand

With the process management capability within OpenText Advanced Media Orchestration, your creative process applications are tailored to reflect your business and even individual departments. You can quickly modify your applications to adapt to changes in the digital world.

OpenText Advanced Media Orchestration employs a low-code application development approach with “information-driven design,” so that business experts lead process definition. The solution also simplifies integration with disparate enterprise systems and content repositories.

Collaborate with External Stakeholders, Own Your Brand

Whether for creative partners, licensees, or other stakeholders outside the enterprise, many organizations need to create brand portals that control access to digital assets and orchestrate cross-enterprise workflows such as access requests or asset approvals.

OpenText Advanced Media Orchestration gives you a way to manage external interactions securely, consistently and with precision timing.