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OpenText Active Client Management for Insurance

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Make every customer experience a seamless one with smarter, integrated processes that fit your customers and brand

See Active Client Management for Insurance in action. Watch a 2 minute demo video.

Shifting consumer needs, higher expectations, evolving regulatory requirements and competition from new and existing market entrants continue to disrupt the insurance industry. These changes are placing severe strain on traditional business models, most importantly in the way insurance organizations serve their customers. In order to deliver a customer journey that’s both profitable and differentiated, insurers must seamlessly manage complex processes from underwriting to claims processing.

OpenText Active Client Management for Insurance is a digital process automation application that improves the customer experience, reduces operational costs and facilitates rapid rollout of innovative insurance products. Purpose-built for insurance, Active Client Management for Insurance makes it possible to roll out fully functional applications in a matter of weeks with integrated self-service, case management, automated client communications and analytics.

OpenText Active Client Management for Insurance Benefits

  • Improve the customer experience with fast, efficient responses to customer needs, claims and inquiries
  • Reduce operational costs, increasing employee productivity, case throughput, process automation and self-service
  • Accelerate innovation and adapt faster, quickly roll out new products to address unmet needs or change processes to meet new regulatory requirements
  • Manage compliance and risk with analytics and audit trails

New Account Opening, Client Servicing and Claims Management Tailored to Insurance Industry Needs

Active Client Management for Insurance orchestrates the complete lifecycle for new account opening, client servicing and claims management cases. Employees and authorized third parties have an in-context, 360-degree view of information relevant to the case’s lifecycle stage, tightly integrated with case workflows and offering multidirectional integration with all relevant enterprise systems.

Active Client Management for Insurance taps into the fully dynamic case management capabilities available with OpenText AppWorks including rules- or algorithm-based automation and ad hoc tasks, and integrates with OpenText Content Server to bring relevant content into every interaction.

Application Building Blocks with the Full Power of Low-Code Development

The Active Client Management for Insurance application provides a quick start to your implementation, but it doesn’t limit your flexibility to deploy and expand an application that best serves the needs of your customers, employees and intermediaries.

The low-code application development platform available with OpenText AppWorks gives your subject matter experts a direct role in modifying the application’s out-of-the-box processes to fit with how you do business. And by minimizing the need for code, it speeds up deployment and reduces cost and risk.

Applications deployed with OpenText AppWorks take an information-centered approach: Business users can think about the policy or workflow from their perspective, defining the information that needs action rather than working around a rigid process. This aligns well with key insurance processes such as underwriting a policy or processing a claim.

Paperless and Personalized, from End to End

Active Client Management for Insurance integrates with OpenText Capture Center to automatically capture and interpret paper documents, scanned images, email and faxes. An integration with OpenText Communications Center automates the creation and distribution of personalized content via a variety of customer preferred delivery channels: print, fax, email, mobile, web, and other electronic channels.

Leverage Legacy Systems as Systems of Record

You shouldn’t have to replace legacy systems in order to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Active Client Management for Insurance can integrate with virtually any system through the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the OpenText AppWorks.

Business Intelligence for Insurance

Active Client Management for Insurance offers business intelligence in each of the core processes it supports. Business leaders gain insight into new account opening, underwriting throughput, client servicing, claims management and other key performance indicators. Compliance officers can generate reports needed for regulatory reporting.