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What are end-to-end legal information management and eDiscovery solutions?

End-to-end legal information management and eDiscovery solutions help in-house legal departments and law firms manage operations and workflows throughout the information lifecycle, including legal content management, enterprise search, matter management, eDiscovery and more.

The best end-to-end legal information management and eDiscovery solutions integrate AI and machine learning, analytics and automation to surface relevant information quickly, improve accuracy and reduce risk.

OpenText Discovery and Legal Information Management Suite overview

OpenText™ legal information management and end-to-end eDiscovery solutions efficiently manage legal content at all stages and in all contexts. The comprehensive suite features integrated content management to securely store and collaborate on documents, AI-enhanced enterprise search, and eDiscovery tools to help legal teams identify, preserve, collect, search and investigate data.

The solutions increase speed to relevant information, provide rapid insight leveraging AI, machine learning and analytics, and automate workflows—lowering costs, improving productivity and accelerating information time to value at every stage. The software is available in the cloud, on-premise or hybrid environment.

What’s new in Discovery

  • Expedited review of chat data in OpenText™ Axcelerate™
  • Analytics-driven ECA with OpenText™ Axcelerate™ Investigation
  • Big picture insights with Axcelerate Visualizer heat maps
  • Greater efficiency with OpenText™ eDOCS InfoCenter auto-classification
  • Strategic insights at-a-glance with OpenText™ Decisiv™ visualization

OpenText legal information management and eDiscovery solutions features

  • End-to-end eDiscovery

    Unifies OpenText™ Legal Hold and endpoint collection and preservation with OpenText™ Axcelerate™ and OpenText™ Insight for more efficient and cost-effective analysis through end-to-end eDiscovery.

  • Infused AI and machine learning

    Integrates advanced analytics tools, including technology-assisted review (TAR) based on continuous learning, OpenText™ MindServer AI search and OpenText™ Magellan, for rapid access to relevant data.

  • Content management and enterprise search integrations

    Securely connects OpenText™ eDOCS and OpenText™ Decisiv™ with Microsoft applications, matter management, business systems and other eDOCS add-ons to make data protection, records management and high-value content processes more efficient.

  • Flexible deployment options

    Offers the flexibility of on-premises, public or private cloud models or hybrid deployment to manage, protect and effectively use information for legal purposes—available and supported for remote workforces.

  • Data security and privacy management

    Automatically identifies, redacts and protects privileged and sensitive data (PCI, PII, PHI) and provides realtime activity monitoring. Offers portable appliance for completely secure discovery.

  • Automation

    Automates manual discovery and legal information management processes to increase efficiency, reduce risk, speed time to access information and improve accuracy and consistency of results.

OpenText legal information management and eDiscovery solutions benefits

  • Lower the total cost of eDiscovery

    Reduce the total cost of review by up to 80 percent with TAR based on continuous learning, advanced analytics and automation.

  • Maintain the strategic advantage

    Find relevant information faster with AI-enhanced search, analytics and machine learning for faster client response, case strategy and production.

  • Improve operations and team productivity

    Enhance efficiency with platform integrations, automation and analytics to reduce time searching and reviewing critical legal documents.

  • Mitigate risks and stay compliant

    Automatically identify, protect and redact sensitive data at every stage with built-in features and workflow best-practices.

  • Leverage data insights for faster decisions

    Gain realtime insight into key performance indicators, such as vendor and outside counsel spend, matter status and more, with business intelligence.

  • Get expert support when its needed

    Leverage OpenText™ Professional Services fully or to fill in gaps, from collections to review workflow, managed review, investigations and integrations.

OpenText Discovery Suite products

  • OpenText™ Legal Hold

    Automates legal hold notification activities to drive greater efficiency among legal, HR, compliance and IT. Integrates with endpoint collection, preservation and review platforms for end-to-end discovery.

  • OpenText™ Axcelerate™

    Quickly find the documents that make or break a case with an end-to-end eDiscovery solution offering proprietary advanced analytics and TAR.

  • OpenText™ Insight

    Designed for substantial litigation portfolios, Insight offers advanced analytics, review, TAR based on continuous learning, automation, multi-matter management, document re-use and BI.

  • OpenText™ Decisiv™

    Enhance knowledge management by pinpointing subject matter experts, case information and more from a myriad of data sources using powerful unstructured data analytics and AI search.

  • OpenText™ eDOCS

    Secure, centralized and flexible management, search and collaboration of legal and matter-centric content, with add-ons for document-level security, email management, records management and more.

  • OpenText™ Professional Services

    Enables customer success through technology and process expertise.

Switch logo

“The OpenText Axcelerate platform has been elegant from the beginning. It was a smooth transition. We were able to reduce costs materially, almost immediately. We were able to get answers more quickly and efficiently. I wish we had done it sooner because it has allowed us to be much more responsive and avoid a lot of headaches in other litigation that has come up since we first needed an eDiscovery partner.”

Sam Castor EVP, Policy and Deputy General Counsel, Switch

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Phillips Lytle logo

“Our attorneys outperformed client expectations by leveraging OpenText Axcelerate’s predictive coding in conjunction with intelligent sampling to categorize and predict the relevancy of documents with far more precision than typical TAR 1.0 workflows.”

Anna Mercado Clark, Partner, Phillips Lytle

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“OpenText is a key partner of Kutak Rock. I work with them every single day. They have allowed my firm to provide high-quality, cutting-edge legal services at a fraction of the cost. I have often heard from attorneys at other firms that they want to conduct a linear document review using their firm associates because it means more revenue to the firm. I take a different approach. I believe that when Kutak Rock proves to its clients that it can do a better job at a lower cost than most other attorneys, those clients will hire Kutak Rock many times over to handle their legal needs.”

Robin E. Stewart, Partner, Commercial Litigation and Chair, eDiscovery

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