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OpenText Decisiv

Use AI-driven enterprise search to quickly find subject matter experts and relevant information

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OpenText Decisiv overview

Get faster access to the information and insights you need with Decisiv.

Knowledge workers, including lawyers, spend up to 22 percent of their work hours searching for information.1 OpenText™ Decisiv™, enterprise search and knowledge management software, quickly and automatically searches, accesses and shares information scattered across various data stores to put relevant information and subject matter expertise at lawyers' fingertips for a competitive advantage.

What is AI-driven enterprise search?

AI-driven enterprise search tools identify precedents, relevant work product, experts and more within the firm or corporate legal department. Retrieving structured and unstructured data from the myriad of enterprise data sources, AI-powered enterprise search engine software offers easy accessibility to the relevant information.

The best enterprise search engines securely crawl and index information from any source to create concept search models based on content and extended metadata to identify and rank relevant information and significantly improve the quality of enterprise search analytics and results.

OpenText Decisiv features

  • Secure integration

    Creates a secure, single sign-on for universal search across business systems with more than 50 enterprise content connectors and crawlers.

  • Customizable access

    Sets up the UI to complement working environments, allowing users to work in their desired environment and eliminate toggling between different application browsers.

  • OpenText™ MindServer™ AI-enhanced search

    Finds specific information faster, even without matching on exact keywords, integrating concept analysis and supervised machine learning to automatically retrieve similar content.

  • Predictive research

    Saves valuable research time and costs by leveraging a supervised machine learning algorithm that learns from human feedback to suggest more relevant query terms or documents.

  • Conceptual search

    Automatically identifies relationships between words throughout the entire database using content and context-based search surfacing relevant results without precise keywords.

  • Smart filters

    Filters search results based on any metadata field defined from the data source.

OpenText Decisiv benefits

  • Transform knowledge management

    Quickly surface the most relevant key documents, view projects and identify internal subject-matter experts across content repositories and other data sources.

  • Get a competitive advantage

    Leverage the strategic advantage of collected accumulated knowledge and IP and quickly deliver the most accurate information for clients, matters or other needs.

  • Automate knowledge sharing and collaboration

    Save and share complex search setups, bookmarking previously found information and setting saved search notifications to eliminate repetition.

  • Improve efficiency

    Rapidly draw from the organization's institutional knowledge stores, eliminating the need for disparate and time-consuming searches.

Transform Law Firms with AI

Learn how to leverage AI to transform knowledge management for a competitive advantage.

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1 IDC, The State of Data Discovery and Cataloging, 2018