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Multi-matter eDiscovery platformOpenText Insight Enterprise

Reduce multi-matter eDiscovery expenses

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OpenText Insight Enterprise overview

OpenText™ Insight Enterprise allows organizations to maintain control of their litigation within a single multi-matter eDiscovery platform, enabling organizations to reuse documents, coding decisions and more across matters for cost-savings, efficiency gains and a strategic advantage with rapid production. Intuitive templates streamline creation of new sites and pull in previously coded data from key custodian collections and prior matters, retaining coding.

What is enterprise multi-matter eDiscovery software?

Enterprise multi-matter eDiscovery software enables efficient eDiscovery management of repetitive matters, such as IP and patent litigation and investigations. Organizations are able to find, analyze, review and produce electronically stored information (ESI) for litigation, investigations and compliance. The best enterprise eDiscovery software saves organizations money and time by reusing documents, coding decisions and more across repetitive matters.

OpenText Insight Enterprise features

  • Central enterprise eDiscovery document repository

    Offers a central repository to collect, review and hold once and promote as needed to matters in realtime for hundreds of millions of documents.

  • Cross-matter business intelligence

    Offers insight into and across matters for data-driven decisions on budget, outside counsel and vendor spend, resources and staff productivity, and more.

  • Advanced analytics and continuous active learning

    Surfaces the most relevant documents first, substantially reducing eyes-on review.

  • Process automation

    Automates time consuming manual tasks for greater efficiency and accuracy, from data loading and searching to production.

  • Data security and privacy

    Segregates sensitive documents, including trade secret, privileged and sensitive custodian documents, to avoid inadvertent exposure and safeguards all documents with built-in multi-layered security.

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OpenText Insight Enterprise benefits

  • Reduce the total cost of eDiscovery

    Collect, process, load, review and code documents once and produce to as many matters as needed, saving substantial time and associated costs including reduction of outside counsel spend by 80 percent.

  • Control the flow of legal documents

    Centrally store documents, source files, metadata and more to eliminate the costs and risks of relying on multiple outside vendors and law firms.

  • Support a strategic advantage

    Rapidly respond and produce, especially when large sums are at stake, and assign documents from the core repository to new sites as matters arise.

  • Standardize eDiscovery with repeatable workflows

    Streamline eDiscovery with repeatable, templatized and automated processes across cases.

  • Improve outcomes with realtime decision-making

    Leverage business intelligence to gain realtime budget predictability, outside counsel and vendor spend analysis, case trends and more.

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