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OpenText InfoArchive

Accelerate cloud transition, optimize infrastructure, and ensure compliance with a modern archiving solution

An introduction to OpenText InfoArchive

The Archiving Dilemma

Organizations must continually assess the cost of maintaining live data and applications for compliance and reference. The continued support and hardware costs must be weighed against the value of keeping the data live and accessible in its original form. Long retention periods can result in unnecessarily maintaining data in multiple systems.

While archiving is the obvious solution, new processes may raise concerns over disruption to operations and productivity, or worse, inflexible security controls may raise flags for IT. As a result, data often remains online in expensive, obsolete applications or is taken offline from the user base where the only value is retention compliance or legal hold. There is another option.

InfoArchive overview

OpenText InfoArchive is a modern archive solution and cloud-based service for compliant archiving of both structured and unstructured information highly-accessible, scalable and economical. Whether actively archiving business information to reduce system loads or de-commissioning applications to stand down outdated systems, InfoArchive is the flexible and cost-efficient way to reduce IT costs and accelerate the move to a modernized, cloud-based architecture. Users remain effective in their everyday work and can quickly access data and documents in familiar, process and role-specific views. This allows organizations to cost-effectively upgrade to new applications with only active data and still keep historical data only a click away.

InfoArchive also helps organizations quickly address dynamic new governance issues and compliance guidelines, such as data privacy regulations and eDiscovery requests, without costly changes to legacy applications and systems.

InfoArchive features

  • Convenient access to all information—structured and unstructured

    Archive any file or data type, including structured data from both commercial and custom applications. Structured data and document metadata are organized into business-specific views that keep data relevant and accessible from a centralized, low-cost and compliant repository.

  • Modern interface with flexible, controlled access to archived data

    Organize data into functional, role-based views tailored to ongoing business processes for convenient and contextual data access. The 360-degree views display active and archive data through OpenText Extended ECM Platform.

  • Flexible deployment in the cloud or on-premises

    Leverage a cloud enabled archive in a number of different scenarios for the greatest flexibility and cost savings. InfoArchive is future-proofed, secure and affordable for any size organization. Subscribe to InfoArchive Cloud Edition managed by OpenText, deploy in a private cloud on public hyperscalers or selectively archive content to cost-effective cloud storage in a hybrid configuration.

  • Flexible connectivity to data and document stores

    Integrate with OpenText File Intelligence to archive unmanaged file shares and other repositories. InfoArchive can also serve as active archiving and long-term preservation for OpenText Content Suite Platform and Extended ECM Platform.

  • Security and privacy controls for stringent policy compliance

    Organize information into role-based views that make data accessible, while preserving privacy by record or through robust data-masking capabilities. Encrypt data by policy.

  • Unified archive platform

    Integrate with OpenText’s centralized archive storage platform to enable flexible storage options for unstructured content, including directing content to Amazon S3, as well as other future cloud storage services.

  • Archive high-volume print communications

    Capture and index print streams to help integrate customer financial statements or other printed communications data quickly with OpenText Output Transformation Server.

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Optimize infrastructure and ensure regulatory compliance

Discover a secure, scalable and accessible archiving solution.

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