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OpenText Extended ECM for AppWorks

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Content-rich automation that aligns ECM benefits to the needs of the business

Digital business automation is extending to complex processes that cross multiple systems and involve interactions with many types of content. OpenText Extended ECM for AppWorks extends the reach of ECM to all parts of the enterprise, injecting content into the context of cross-system business processes to improve insight, efficiency and throughput.

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Extend the Reach of Business Applications with OpenText AppWorks

In some cases, multiple enterprise systems must work in concert to orchestrate a single business workflow. For example, the win-to-revenue cycle may involve a sales opportunity tracked in, a contract managed centrally in the ECM, and a sales order in SAP.

Extended ECM for AppWorks enables organizations to create “master” workflows to consistently orchestrate all of these processes, while the responsible parties see consistent content in context through Connected Workspaces embedded in the systems they’re already using. In addition, Extended ECM for AppWorks enables you to engage external users in internal processes, providing seamless content and business object updates without giving external users direct access to internal systems or content repositories.

Deliver Connected Content for Dynamic Case Management

Together, OpenText AppWorks and Extended ECM for AppWorks enable businesses to rapidly build powerful, content-rich applications to automate any business process – including dynamic case management applications. Users will gain a single, 360-degree view of the process they’re working in and all of its relevant content through a Connected Workspace.

With dynamic case management, a case may include many different steps crossing different systems and following a complex workflow that requires input from and updates to multiple documents. Content managed by OpenText Content Server and other content repositories often houses the content that needs to be acted on in the case. OpenText AppWorks drives action on that content, guiding knowledge workers on what action makes the most sense, based on an analysis of historic events within similar cases. Extended ECM for AppWorks maintains the integrity of that content as the case progresses. From the users’ perspective, content and actions sit side by side in one user experience, just how people actually work.

Offer the Benefits of Extended ECM to New Business Applications

With Extended ECM for AppWorks, OpenText offers the same types of solutions available to SAP, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Microsoft® SharePoint® customers through the Extended ECM Business Applications on top of any enterprise system. OpenText AppWorks provides a low-code, system-agnostic integration layer that greatly simplifies cross-system workflows and both business object and metadata synchronization.

In-Context, 360-Degree Views for the Extended Enterprise

The Connected Workspace brings rich information about people, process, data, and tasks into one view. Templates ensure that folders, metadata, records management, and permissions are created and applied in the background. With OpenText Extended ECM for AppWorks, the information in that Workspace is not only updated by OpenText Content Server via xECM but also includes information derived via processes outside of the lead application, delivering a more complete picture of the business process. In addition, Extended ECM for AppWorks makes it simple to extend these views to external users without exposing internal systems or doing extensive custom development.

Business Applications that Work Better Together

With Extended ECM for AppWorks, updates to business objects and metadata stay synchronized not only between one application and your ECM system but also between multiple applications that are working in concert within complex processes such as customer or employee onboarding or a complex customer quotation process. It’s no longer up to your users to resolve conflicts between systems or perform manual updates.

Synchronized Business Data and Relationships 

Multi-directional integrations ensure that all systems maintain the same version of the truth. 

Synchronized Users and Roles

Improve security and maintain compliance by consistently controlling access to information.

Simpler Development and Deployment of Content-Rich Applications 

Extended ECM for AppWorks makes it much simpler for developers and subject matter experts to build applications that take advantage of the functionality offered in OpenText Content Suite. For example, entities that you create in AppWorks are automatically mapped to Connected Workspaces. And everything is low-code, so you can quickly adapt your application to meet emerging business needs.