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OpenText Availability Disaster Recovery Solution

Get proven disaster recovery for Windows and Linux Servers

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OpenText Availability overview

OpenText™ Availability enables IT organizations to maintain the highest availability of their Windows and Linux servers. Preventing downtime and data loss, the software employs a continuous replication mechanism to maintain a secondary copy of the operating environment, without taxing the primary system or network bandwidth.

See how OpenText Availability enables high availability and disaster recovery.

OpenText Availability features

  • Continuous replication

    Maintains an up-to-date operating environment copy for always-on data protection.

  • Automatic setup and configuration

    Allows users to manage and monitor environments quickly and easily in a single console.

  • Highly scalable and flexible

    Replicates data between physical, cloud and virtual platforms of any size and complexity.

  • Push-button rapid failover

    Minimizes downtime with recovery in minutes.

  • Bandwidth throttling

    Optimizes the use of limited network resources.

  • Comprehensive SDK

    Enables seamless integration and automation.

OpenText Availability benefits

  • Near-zero downtime

    Recover from an outage quickly and easily.

  • Reliable protection

    Use push-button simplicity to protect servers with automatic and on-demand failover.

  • Realtime visibility

    Monitor the health of primary and failover servers.

  • Reduced cost

    Run on any network without extra resources or special hardware.


Discover how OpenText Availability solutions can help you recover data