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OpenText Product Offerings Catalog

OpenText offers a variety of enterprise collaboration and content management software products designed to address specific business challenges in a variety of market and industry segments.

Can't find the product you're looking for?

You may be looking for an OpenText product under a previous name. OpenText has recently welcomed a number of our products to the OpenText brand family. For a complete list of previous product names that are now part of the OpenText brand family, see the Rebranded Products table.

All Products

In this section, find a complete list of all of OpenText's product offerings. (Note: The pre-fix, "OpenText", has been omitted from the product name sort).

A-C | D-G | H-L | M-Q |R-Z

A – C 

OpenText Accreditations Server
Actiance Vantage
OpenText Advanced State Management*
OpenText Appearance XML*
OpenText Application Governance & Archiving for Microsoft® SharePoint®
OpenText Archive Server
OpenText Archiving for Content Server*
OpenText Archiving for SAP® Solutions
OpenText Attribute Extensions*
OpenText Auto-Classification
OpenText Automatic Document Numbering*
OpenText BPM Server Integration for eDOCS
OpenText Business Integration Studio
OpenText Business Intelligence
OpenText CAD Manager for Autodesk AutoCAD*
OpenText CAD Manager for Bentley MicroStation*
OpenText Campaign Management
OpenText Capture Center
OpenText Capture Document Reader
OpenText Capture Recognition Engine
OpenText Case360
OpenText Classifications Professional*
OpenText Clinicals
OpenText Collaborative Document Review & Approval*
OpenText Collaborative Submissions
OpenText Collections Server
OpenText Communities*
OpenText Communities of Practice
OpenText Conflicts Management, LegalKEY Edition
OpenText Connectivity Solutions
OpenText Construction Management
OpenText Content Analytics
OpenText Content Intelligence
OpenText Content Migration
OpenText Content Lifecycle Management
OpenText Content Lifecycle Viewer
OpenText Content Server
OpenText Content Server Directory Services*
OpenText Content Server Pulse (login required)
OpenText Content Server SDK*
OpenText Content Server SDK Extension for SAP® R/3*
OpenText Content Server SDK Web Services*
OpenText Content Viewing Solutions
OpenText Content Viewer Toolkit
OpenText Contract Center
OpenText Controlled Revision Tracking*
OpenText Correspondence Tracking

D – G 

OpenText Data Archiving for SAP® Solutions
OpenText Data Integration
OpenText DB Backup Validator*
OpenText Desktop Capture
OpenText Desktop Viewer
OpenText Digital Asset Management for SAP® Solutions
OpenText Discovery AIR Toolkit*
OpenText Discovery Java Toolkit*
OpenText Discovery Server
OpenText Discovery Spider*
OpenText DocuLink for SAP Solutions
OpenText Document Access for SAP® Solutions
OpenText Document Management
OpenText Document Management, eDOCS Edition
OpenText Document & Report Management for IBM AS/400 iSeries
OpenText Document Server, Alchemy Edition
OpenText eDOCS Integration for Microsoft® SharePoint®
OpenText eForms Management*
OpenText eLink*
OpenText Electronic Signatures*
OpenText Eloquent Media Server
OpenText Email Archiving for Lotus Notes
OpenText Email Archiving for Microsoft® Exchange
OpenText Email Lifecycle Management, eDOCS Edition
OpenText Email Management for Lotus Notes
OpenText Email Management for Microsoft® Exchange
OpenText Email Monitoring for Lotus Notes
OpenText Email Monitoring for Microsoft® Exchange
OpenText Employee File Management for SAP® Solutions
OpenText Enterprise Library
OpenText Enterprise Process Services
OpenText Everywhere
OpenText Exceed 3D™
OpenText Exceed Freedom™
OpenText Exceed onDemand®
OpenText Exceed PowerSuite™
OpenText Exceed XDK™
OpenText Exceed®
OpenText Explorer Professional*
OpenText Extended Collaboration
OpenText Extended ECM for SAP® Solutions
OpenText Extended Workflow
OpenText Fax Appliance, FaxPress Edition
OpenText Fax Server, RightFax Edition
OpenText Federated Query Server
OpenText File System Archiving
OpenText FirstClass®
OpenText FirstClass® Archive Services
OpenText FirstClass® Log Analyzer
OpenText FirstClass® Mobile
OpenText FirstClass® Unified Communications
OpenText GISLink for ESRI*

H – L 

OpenText High Performance Web Delivery
OpenText HostExplorer®
OpenText Imaging
OpenText Internal Controls
OpenText Invoice Capture Center for SAP® Solutions
OpenText Integrated Document Management (IDM)
OpenText Knowledge Management
OpenText Learning Management*
OpenText Library Management
OpenText Library Management Integration*

M – Q 

OpenText Managed File Transfer
OpenText Management of Change
OpenText Media Management
OpenText Media Management On Demand
OpenText Metastorm Business Process Analysis
OpenText Metastorm Business Process Management
OpenText Metastorm Enterprise Architecture & IT Planning
OpenText Metastorm Integration & Managed File Transfer
OpenText Monitoring Agent*
OpenText Multi-File Output*
OpenText NFS Client™
OpenText NFS Gateway™
OpenText NFS Server™
OpenText NFS Solo™
OpenText Object Importer*
OpenText PDF Publishing*
OpenText Performance Analyzer*
OpenText Portal
OpenText Privacy Panel*
OpenText Process360 for Microsoft SharePoint
OpenText Process Suite Solutions
OpenText Program Management
OpenText Quality Management

R – Z 

OpenText Rate Case Management
OpenText Records Management
OpenText Records Management, eDOCS Edition
OpenText Records Management, LegalKEY Edition
OpenText Records & Documents, Vignette Edition (VRD)
OpenText Recycle Bin*
OpenText Regulated Documents
OpenText Release Script for Kofax Ascent Capture*
OpenText Remote Cache*
OpenText Rendition Server*
OpenText Report & Output Management (Vista Plus)
OpenText Report Pack for WebReports*
OpenText Review Manager for Adobe® Acrobat®*
SAP Document Presentment by OpenText
OpenText SEA Servlet*
OpenText Search Server, eDOCS Edition
OpenText Secure Connect*
OpenText Secure Server™
OpenText Secure Shell™
OpenText Secure Terminal™
OpenText Semantic Navigation
OpenText Sentiment Analysis
OpenText Social Communities
OpenText Social Workplace
OpenText SOCKS Client™
OpenText Shared Document Access for SAP® Solutions
OpenText Skills Management*
OpenText Spider*
OpenText StreamServe
OpenText Storage Services for Microsoft® SharePoint®
OpenText Suite for Microsoft®
OpenText Suite for Oracle®
OpenText Suite for SAP®
OpenText Suspense Tracking for Microsoft® SharePoint®
OpenText Taxonomy Workbench*
OpenText Template Workspaces
OpenText Tempo
OpenText Thin-Client Viewer
OpenText Transactional Content Processing
OpenText Transmittal Management
OpenText Travel Receipts Management for SAP® Solutions
OpenText Vendor Invoice Management for SAP® Solutions
OpenText Video Services
OpenText WebDAV*
OpenText Web Experience Management
OpenText Web Experience Optimization
OpenText Web Forms*
OpenText WebReports
OpenText Web Site Management
OpenText Widget Services
OpenText Wiki*
OpenText Workflow Server, .NET Edition
OpenText XML Workflow Extensions*
OpenText XML Workflow Interchange*
(*) These products are modules and link to a PDF of the Data Sheet