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Acquisitions and Rebranded Products

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OpenText Enterprise Information Management (EIM) enables companies to secure their information across the diverse and complex landscapes of departments, legacy systems, corporate and regulatory policies, business content and unstructured, big data. Some of the products and solutions that deliver these capabilities were originally marketed and sold under several different brands, such as GXS, Actuate, Livelink, IXOS, RedDot, Artesia, and others. See the Acquisition History list below for more information on these products and organizations.

Acquisition History

Actuate OpenText acquired Actuate Corporation in 2015.
ANXeBusiness OpenText acquired ANXeBusiness Corp in 2016. ANX is now part of OpenText Business Network.
Artesia OpenText acquired Artesia in 2004. Artesia became OpenText Digital Asset Management.
Captaris OpenText acquired Captaris in 2008. Captaris is now Fax Solutions.
Cordys In 2013, OpenText acquired Cordys. Cordys is now part of the Process Suite.
Covisint In 2017, OpenText acquired Covisint. Covisint is now part of the OpenText Business Network.
Daegis In 2015, OpenText acquired Daegis. Daegis is now part of OpenText Specialty Technologies.
Documentum In 2017, OpenText™ acquired Dell EMC’s Enterprise Content Division, including Documentum™, LEAP™, and InfoArchive™.
Easylink OpenText acquired Easylink in 2012. Easylink products are now part of OpenText Business Network.
GXS OpenText acquired GXS in 2014.
HP OpenText acquired select HP Inc. assets in May and August of 2016.
Hummingbird OpenText acquired Hummingbird Ltd. in 2006. Hummingbird Connectivity became OpenText Connectivity Solutions.
Informative Graphics Corporation
OpenText acquired IGC in 2015. IGC is now part of OpenText Enterprise Content Management, a set of applications and add-on products within Enterprise Information Management.
Liaison OpenText acquired Liaison in 2017. Liaison is now part of OpenText Business Network solutions.
Livelink Also known as Livelink ECM – Enterprise Server, Livelink Enterprise Server, Livelink Server. Livelink is now known as Content Server.
Recommind OpenText acquired Recommind, Inc., a leading provider of eDiscovery and information analytics, in July 2016.
RedDot OpenText acquired RedDot as part of its acquisition of Hummingbird Ltd. RedDot was rebranded as OpenText Web Site Management.
Resonate KT In 2013, OpenText acquired Resonate Knowledge Technologies (Resonate KT).
StreamServe In October 2010, OpenText acquired StreamServe, a leading provider of enterprise business communication solutions.
Vignette OpenText acquired Vignette in 2009. Vignette's Web Content Management, Portal, and Social Media products are now part of the Experience Suite.
XMedius In 2020, OpenText acquired XMedius. XMedius solutions are now part of OpenText Digital Experience.