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ANXeBusiness Corp.

In May 2016, OpenText purchased ANXeBusiness Corp., a leading provider of cloud-based information exchange services to the US Automotive and Healthcare industries.

Now part of the OpenText Business Network, ANX provides solutions for organizations that need to digitize their trading partner ecosystems and supply chains for greater efficiency and agility. ANX addresses industry specific B2B requirements to provide organizations with reliable, secure and compliant information exchange that meets their distinct needs. It enhances the scope of trading partner collaboration including product design and planning.

Legacy product names

ANX Original NamesOfficial OpenText Names
Tunnelz OpenText Tunnelz
Team Center Web OpenText Teamcenter Web (TcWeb)
PLM Managed Support Services OpenText PLM Managed Services
e-Learning and Collaboration Portal (LCAP) OpenText e-Learning and Collaboration Portal (LCAP)
Auto Portal OpenText Auto Portal
MedNX OpenText MedNX
MedNX - AutoPrint OpenText MedNX AutoPrint
Physician Office Nodes OpenText Physician Office Nodes
Physician Office Gateways (Pilots) OpenText Physician Office Gateway
Managed Remote Printers and Data Lines OpenText Managed Remote Printers and Data Lines
PositivePro OpenText PositivePro