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In November 2008, OpenText acquired Captaris. Captaris has since been re-branded, becoming OpenText Fax Solutions.

Today, OpenText is the worldwide market leader in fax and electronic document delivery solutions. We provide fax server software, cloud fax services and document management capabilities that help organizations reduce costs and risks associated with using standalone fax machines. OpenText fax solutions enable integration with existing applications and devices in order to secure the way documents are sent, received, stored, and retrieved. Organizations around the world have relied heavily on OpenText to transmit their business critical fax messages. As a result, we send over 2 billion faxes per year for global enterprise customers operating in multiple industries.

Rebranded Product Names

Former NameNew Name
Captaris RightFax
OpenText Fax Server
RightFax Edition
OpenText RightFax
Captaris FaxPress
OpenText FaxPress for Fax Appliance
OpenText RightFax Express
Captaris Alchemy OpenText Document Server, Alchemy Edition
Captaris Workflow OpenText Workflow Server, NET Edition

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