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In July 2016, OpenText purchased Recommind, Inc., a leading provider of eDiscovery and information analytics. Recommind’s SaaS and managed services solutions deliver insight from unstructured data to help people make better, faster business decisions.

“Unlocking the value of Enterprise Information requires finding, analyzing and making sense of these large volumes of information. Recommind information analytics can be used to solve problems at a scale not previously feasible without machine learning and is expected to be a critical component of the OpenText EIM strategy. With its technology, talent and market opportunity, Recommind offers an extraordinary opportunity and we are pleased to welcome them to OpenText.”

Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText CEO and CTO

Through the acquisition, OpenText customers will benefit from Recommind’s analytics solutions for eDiscovery, investigations, contract analysis, and enterprise search including Axcelerate, Perceptiv and Decisiv.

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