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OpenText acquired RedDot as part of its acquisition of Hummingbird Ltd. and rebranded it to OpenText Web Solutions. After the acquisition of Vignette, Web Solutions was rebranded again to become OpenText Web Site Management.

OpenText Web Site Management is a powerful Web site application that empowers business users with rapid deployment of web pages, as well as support for multilingual web environments. It has specific integrations to Microsoft SharePoint and SAP® NetWeaver® Portal, improving content richness and facilitating content management in these portal applications.

Today, clients around the world rely on OpenText Web Site Management to create, manage, and deliver a personalized web experience for their intranets, extranets, and web sites.

Rebranded Product Names

Former Name(s)New Name
RedDot OpenText Web Site Management
RedDot CMS OpenText Web Site Management Server
RedDot Live Server OpenText Web Site Management Delivery Server

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