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OpenText Business Intelligence

Discover insights hidden within your organization’s data. Put the power of inquiry into the hands of business users with OpenText Business Intelligence.

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OpenText™ Business Intelligence (OTBI) is a comprehensive query and reporting solution that enables business analysts and other business users to pose questions about their data and then view the results in visually informative reports. OTBI provides decision-makers with greater insight, faster.

Self-Service First and Foremost

Unlike other enterprise solutions for business intelligence, OTBI is designed primarily for business users who want to serve themselves with minimal assistance from IT. These nontechnical personnel increasingly need the ability to investigate enterprise data on their own so they can ask—and answer—important questions about the business.

Hiding in an organization’s data is intelligence that can be used to provide better customer service, deliver higher-quality products, measure and improve operational efficiency, analyze trends and discover opportunities, and ultimately make better business decisions. With OTBI, the range of questions that can be answered is limited only by the data itself and the employee’s imagination.

Visual Wizard for Data Queries

Key to empowering business users is OTBI’s graphical “semantic layer,” an intuitive, easy-to-use visual interface that offers access to databases and the data they contain. It allows nontechnical personnel to examine the data and build ad hoc query statements by simply dragging and dropping elements and drawing connections between them. No knowledge of SQL statements is required.

Report Sharing

Built-in sharing features allow approved users to collaborate by saving and send reports or “sub-reports” to colleagues. Security features ensure confidential information is not shared inappropriately. Business users can also format reports and save queries for later re-use.

Proven and Evolving

OTBI is built on 30 years of research and development. It’s a mature, proven product that continues to evolve, with major updates currently in process.

Business Intelligence provides a rich environment for query, analysis and reporting activity

OpenText Business Intelligence (OTBI), formerly Livelink ECM Business Intelligence, removes the complexity of converting raw data into meaningful business intelligence by giving organizations the power to transform data from multiple sources into accurate, consumable information that can be shared securely throughout the enterprise.

  • A single query and reporting solution
  • Superior business intelligence for the advanced user
  • Ability to identify trends and discover opportunities
  • Cost-effective business intelligence
  • Streamlined regulatory compliance reporting

Ensure the return on investment necessary for today’s digital business with OTBI’s key capabilities:

  • Enables ad-hoc queries, reporting, on-the-fly Adobe PDF generation, data model viewing and navigation, and easy access to OLAP data sources
  • Native connectivity to industry standard databases, intuitive graphical interface to database information, point and click querying, and interactive reports
  • Administrative features for installation and deployment, report-bursting utility to send “sub-reports” to users, and activity logs and reports
  • Native connectivity to multi-dimensional (OLAP) data sources, powerful cube-building engine, and simplified OLAP report


The following products are available as part of the OpenText Business Intelligence solution:

Business Intelligence Query

BI Query is an enterprise query, reporting, and analytics application. BI Query provides an easy-to-use, visual way to query databases, integrate data with other applications, and generate reports.

BI Query lets users extract the information they need using a data model, a graphical representation of data in a database. By using the data model, business users can easily form queries without needing to know Structured Query Language (SQL).

Business Intelligence Image

BI Query also enables administrators to tailor information access to the exact needs of business users. Admins make business-critical information available while maintaining data security, quality, and integrity. The BI Query administrator can design data models, set permissions for users, set passwords, and control access to the database and the functionality of BI Query. With permission from the DBMS administrator, the BI Query administrator can update tables in a database or provide that capability to business users.

BI Reports is the report-generating tool within BI Query. BI Reports lets business users produce professional-looking reports (including corporate logos and brand standards) based on their analysis of data. BI Query Reports provides a flexible reporting environment that includes tables, crosstabs, charts, and maps. With the proper permissions, users can publish reports and share them with others, including users who access BI Query through the Web application.

Business Intelligence Web

BI Web provides query, reporting, and On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) capabilities over the Web so users can easily create and access queries and report from anywhere, with only an Internet connection. This saves IT from installing software on individual desktop computers. Users have access to a personal portfolio that displays the data models, reports, and data sources available to them.

With BI Web, users can:

  • Manage items in personal folders
  • View and refresh reports based on data in various databases
  • Create personal and shared BI Web reports
  • Format BI Web reports using the report editor
  • Open, run, create, and schedule queries
  • Publish queries to a central repository, allowing other users to access them over the Web

Business Intelligence Server

BI Server is the centralized administrative service for OTBI. It provides integration with OpenText™ Content Server as well as third-party applications and data sources. BI Server also provides security to ensure that only approved users are able to access reports and data.

Technically, BI Server is an application server that uses a common set of services and a common repository of information to provide data for BI. The BI Server repository is a storehouse for enterprise information produced using BI applications. It stores data models, queries, results sets, reports, multi-dimensional data sources, and associated metadata. OTBI users can access the BI Server repository using BI Query, BI Web, OpenText eDOCS Webtop, and mobile devices.

BI Server administrators can:

  • Manage licenses
  • Configure security and assign permissions for users and groups, including guests
  • Manage the BI Server repository
  • Configure and share printers, databases, support servers, and other resources
  • Set logging options
  • Specify other global settings

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