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Secure Enterprise Application AccessOpenText Connectivity

Fast, reliable access to a variety of enterprise applications, including host systems, such as UNIX® and Linux®, Microsoft® Windows®, mainframes, network file systems and more


What is OpenText Connectivity?

OpenText Connectivity, formerly Hummingbird, products offer fast, secure and reliable remote access to Linux, UNIX, Windows and mainframe applications. Connectivity products allow organizations to leverage a global workforce by centralizing resources and complex, graphically demanding software in a datacenter, saving IT costs, increasing security and fostering collaboration. Well performing remote access ensures engineers and knowledge workers can use their solutions effectively.

OpenText Connectivity overview

OpenText Connectivity products are a key component for organizations that require secure remote access to centralized IT solutions. The solutions satisfy remote workers by offering local-like performance, even over low-bandwidth connections, from any location.

OpenText Connectivity features

  • Fast remote access

    Offers reliable remote access for high performance and increased user acceptance. Uses the highly efficient ThinX and Windows Direct protocol for up to 90 percent more bandwidth efficiency than traditional X servers.

  • Secure remote access

    Provides strong security with over-the-wire network communication encryption and support for enterprise logon systems, including keycards.

  • Reliable remote access

    Delivers reliable session connection regardless of volatile or interrupted bandwidth and easily re-connects to existing remote sessions if connections are lost.

  • Flexible and secure Terminal Emulator

    Connects from Microsoft® Windows® PCs to a variety of enterprise hosts using the OpenText HostExplorer terminal emulator to allow users to benefit from the latest PC and web technologies, while protecting investments in data, information assets and systems.

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OpenText Connectivity benefits

  • Save IT cost through centralization

    Share expensive software and hardware for Engineering solutions in a central datacenter to reduce IT cost with a fast return on investment. Implement a single, or just a few, global datacenters for cost reduction.

  • Secure IP

    Keep all data in a central well-protected datacenter rather than proliferating data across many user workstations without strong access right control.

  • Support global teams

    Offer engineers global, well-performing access to product design software and other key software solutions, whether in the office, at home, at customer sites or at construction sites.

  • Foster collaboration

    Discuss product design issues and find solutions with the team using screen sharing to conduct virtual, hands-on meetings to increase productivity levels.

  • Accelerate product go-to-market

    Accelerate product design and go-to-market with centralized datasets and strong collaboration.

  • Cost effective terminal emulation

    Cut terminal emulation maintenance payments by replacing expensive existing solutions from equipment manufacturers with a no training required, highly compatible solution for a quick return on investment.

OpenText Connectivity solutions

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