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OpenText Exceed

Use X-Window (X11) applications on Microsoft Windows

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OpenText Exceed overview

OpenText Exceed is a Windows remote access solution for graphically demanding Linux and UNIX software solutions, such as CAD and CAM. Exceed integrates Windows desktop with UNIX, Linux, VMS, X Window System and IBM iSeries and z/OS system environments. A secure, high-performance X Window server, Exceed offers secure and reliable access to X Window applications from Microsoft Windows and Citrix virtual desktops over the LAN.

What is a Windows X Server?

Many engineering, architectural and product design software solutions are implemented on Linux and UNIX, using Linux X Window (X11) graphics technology. A Windows X Server runs these graphical UNIX and X11 applications on Microsoft Windows, rather than costly high-end graphical Linux and UNIX workstations. In order to access the graphically demanding software from Windows, organizations require high performance remote access LAN to LAN software.

OpenText Exceed features

  • Access for graphical Linux, UNIX applications

    Enables LAN based remote access to graphical software on Linux and UNIX, such as CAD/CAM/CAE applications and medical imaging suites.

  • Connect to multiple remote computers

    Establishes simultaneous connections to different computers running X apps and displays a familiar interface to an X environment.

  • File upload and printing

    Offers an FTP and SFTP client for easy file upload and download with remote systems.

  • High security

    Supports smart card authentication for secure environments and an optional secure shell fully encrypts data transfer between client and remote host.

  • Supports latest operating systems

    Supports latest Windows operating system versions, including Windows 7, 8 and 10 and can be used in Citrix virtual apps and desktop environments using Citrix XenApp 6 and 7.

OpenText Exceed benefits

  • Reduced IT cost

    Replace expensive graphical Linux and UNIX workstations with lower cost Windows desktops.

  • Pixel-perfect display accuracy

    Ensure detailed and accurate display of graphical 2D and 3D X application content on Windows and Citrix virtual desktops.

  • More value with included terminal emulator

    Leverage OpenText™ HostExplorer™ for IBM 3270 and 5250 terminal emulation for an easy to use browser-based user interface.

  • Comprehensive remote access solution

    Access critical applications on UNIX, Linux and mainframe systems from Windows.


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