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OpenText Exceed 3D – Remote Access for 3D OpenGL Applications

An optional add-on to OpenText Exceed that provides access to high-end OpenGL-based 3D applications

OpenText Exceed 3D is an add-on to OpenText Exceed for rendering OpenGL-based 3D graphics applications over a remote connection. Exceed 3D enables users to access graphical 3D applications running on UNIX®, Linux®, or other X11 desktops from a Microsoft® Windows® PC.

What are the key features of OpenText Exceed 3D?

  • Supports the OpenGL API—the industry standard three-dimensional programming interface
  • Leverages the accelerated capabilities of modern graphics cards to display complicated three-dimensional drawings
  • Compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10
  • Support for OpenGL 1.4 (via the latest GLX 1.4 specification)
  • 3D Overlay support
  • Direct Rendering support
  • Support for OpenGL 1.4 extensions in device drivers

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