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Terminal Emulator Windows Software – OpenText HostExplorer

The de facto standard terminal emulation software for accessing IBM® 3270 Mainframes, AS/400s, UNIX and FTP hosts from Microsoft Windows desktops

What is a terminal emulator?
Terminal emulation is the ability to make one computer terminal, typically a PC, appear to look like another, usually older type of terminal so that a user can access programs originally written to communicate with the other terminal type. OpenText HostExplorer is one of best terminal emulator software packages available for IBM® 3270 Mainframes, AS/400s, UNIX and FTP hosts.

Product Overview

OpenText™ HostExplorer is a terminal emulator that provides fast, secure and reliable connections from Microsoft® Windows® PCs to a variety of enterprise hosts. HostExplorer enables organizations to benefit from the latest PC and web technologies while protecting their investment in data, information assets and systems.

Terminal Emulator Features

  • PC-to-host emulator
  • Web-to-host emulator
  • 3270 sessions (IBM z/OS) terminal emulation
  • 5250 sessions (IBM AS/400) terminal emulation
  • VT (virtual terminal) sessions
  • WyseTerm emulation
  • Automatic upgrade functionality
  • Centralized deployment and management of user profiles
  • Easy migration from IBM PComm, MicroFocus Rumba, and Attachmate Extra!, including macro conversions

Benefits of HostExplorer Terminal Emulation

  • Easy browser access to terminal sessions
  • Easy migration preserves user experience, eliminates need for retraining and avoiding business workflow interruptions
  • Reduces maintenance cost and effort through automatic upgrades and centralized administration

Customer Testimonial

OpenText HostExplorer improves stability and scalability as the preferred host access solution of fast-growing, regional transportation company.

HostExplorer is so seamless that the users don’t even know that it’s there, and from an administrative point of view, that’s great!

Rick George, Assistant Director of Information Technology, USF Holland

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