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OpenText eDOCS Applications for Law Firms (Legal Key Products)

Managing the entire matter lifecycle

The practice of law has transformed into the business of law, forcing law firms to continually evaluate and update their business processes in order to remain competitive in today’s global legal environment. Firms today are challenged to attract and retain clients, streamline administrative functions, ensure compliance, reduce malpractice risks and, of course, improve productivity and generate increased revenue.

To achieve these goals, law firms need easy and efficient ways to create, store, retrieve and retain critical information firm wide. In addition, they need tools that provide relief from information overload (e.g., email management; electronic records declaration) and provide lawyers with fully-featured anytime, anywhere access.

OpenText eDOCS Applications for Law Firms supports the specific business practices and compliance needs of law firms throughout the matter lifecycle – from client intake through to final disposition. Firms have a choice of interfaces (Outlook, Windows Explorer, SharePoint), all of which integrate with eDOCS archiving and records management capabilities for document, email, and digital media...

OpenText eDOCS Applications for Law Firms

OpenText eDOCS applications for Law Firms include: 

OpenText™ Document Management, eDOCS Edition provides a centralized repository, feature-rich functionality, and an intuitive interface for the effective and secure management, organization, and sharing of documents.

OpenText™ Email Filing, eDOCS Edition is a rich set of user friendly and time saving capabilities developed for organizations that want to maximize the value of the business content captured in emails.

OpenText™ Records Management, LegalKEY Edition provides law firms with a single interface for the comprehensive management of all electronic and physical information related to a client or matter, regardless of source of origin or media type including email, images, electronic documents, voice mail, and facsimiles.

OpenText™ Conflicts Management, LegalKEY Edition is the most thorough, flexible, and powerful conflicts checking software available to law firms today.