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OpenText Brava! Desktop for eDOCS

Ensure your documents are easy to work with and safe to share, both inside and outside your organization

Today’s workplace is increasingly global and virtual, bringing together individuals dispersed around the world—in different offices, cities, and countries. To support this new reality, organizations need tools for improved sharing and collaboration. These tools need to be simple, effective, and easy to use. They also need to meet tough standards for information sharing—complying with heightened privacy regulations and providing greater protection for proprietary and sensitive data.

OpenText™ Brava!™ Desktop for eDOCS makes it easy for teams to collaborate on virtually any file type within the eDOCS document repository, then securely share updated versions outside the eDOCS environment. Working from within eDOCS DM, users can annotate documents by adding text or graphical comments. To ensure the file is safe to share, users can redact files to block out sensitive information and publish in file formats that provide added security.


  • Improved Collaboration – Multiple users can work simultaneously to review and annotate a single file. When finished, each user saves their annotations as an attachment to the original file (an overlaid XML file associated with the source document), with their annotations viewable to any subsequent reviewer.
  • Secure Sharing – Add watermarks or banners to deter theft. Publish content in file format (e.g., CSF format) with added security for sharing outside the eDOCS environment. 
  • Compliance – Protect the privacy and security of sensitive customer data to comply with regulations (e.g., Freedom of Information Act).
  • Rapid User Adoption – A modern, intuitive user interface makes user adoption easy and training virtually unnecessary.

Key Features

  • Support for a broad range of file types including Microsoft® Office and PDF documents, CAD drawings, and image files like TIFF and JPEG.
  • Annotation tools include shapes and arrows, text tools, stamps Changemark™ notes, watermarks, banners, and more.
  • Changemark™ notes display discussion threads and capture an audit trail to help reviewers ensure all comments are addressed. This feature is particularly important for large drawings and multi-page files. 
  • Automatic redaction with intelligent pattern matching, text search, or manual redaction with area selection tools. 
  • Publish content as a PDF, TIFF, or expiring content sealed format (CSF) file. With the CSF file format (an encrypted, compressed file format), users can add document security controls including password protection, and can restrict printing, copying, layer views, and more.
  • CAD file vector data is not converted to pixels (rasterized), thus maintaining the integrity and fidelity of the drawing.
  • Robust compare modes let users view any modifications made to a document or drawing at a glance, even when the original and compare files are in different formats.
  • A takeoff count allows users to count items on drawings (e.g. doors and windows, aggregate areas for flooring, or other materials) for purchasing decisions.


Learn more about the benefits and features of OpenText Brava! Desktop for eDOCS.

  OpenText Brava! Desktop for eDOCS Product Overview