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OpenText eDOCS for Microsoft SharePoint

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Enable collaborative work environments while ensuring content published on your SharePoint intranet or extranets is governed and compliant.

Many organizations want to maintain SharePoint as their primary user interface for sharing and collaboration, but also want to ensure shared content is managed, secure, and easily accessible. OpenText eDOCS for Microsoft SharePoint enables this scenario.

Microsoft SharePoint excels as an easy-to-use portal interface, but it lacks robust document and records management capabilities. Over time, as SharePoint implementations multiply across the organization, it becomes difficult to adequately manage and secure content residing within these decentralized “silos.” In addition, as projects are completed and organizations change, information remains orphaned—ungoverned through to the end of its lifecycle. Proliferating SharePoint content left unintegrated and unmanaged can hinder productivity and increase security, compliance, and eDiscovery risk for the organization.

OpenText eDOCS for Microsoft SharePoint brings control to this situation, capturing SharePoint content into a secure repository where it is centrally managed in accordance with regulatory and business requirements. It helps organizations develop comprehensive compliance and governance solutions for electronic content, while supporting discovery processes.


  • Support for collaborative workspaces
  • Archive content interactively or automatically
  • Control content lifecycle with OpenText™ Records Management, eDOCS Edition

Solution Components

  • OpenText™ eDOCS DM Extensions for Microsoft SharePoint – This product provides a series of Web Parts that allow a SharePoint user access into one or more eDOCS libraries.  The Web Parts can be configured in a variety of ways to optimize how content is displayed to the user.  This product also provides eDOCS Profile and Full-Text search capability from SharePoint.
  • OpenText™ eDOCS Integration for Microsoft SharePoint – This product provides all of the functionality of the DM Extensions for SharePoint, plus it adds an additional feature set that includes bi-directional synchronization of content between SharePoint and eDOCS.
  • OpenText™ eDOCS Synchronization for Microsoft SharePoint–Rather than relying on users to store and save documents, eDOCS Synchronization for SharePoint lets you automatically synchronize entire directories between SharePoint and eDOCS and keep both replicated directories completely up-to-date. The system makes it easy to configure rules to manage folder conflicts, map metadata between systems, and sync permission changes.
  • OpenText™ Content Migrator for eDOCS – This product allows for migration of content from and to OpenText Content Server, OpenText eDOCS, and Microsoft SharePoint.  The migration tool allows administrators to quickly and efficiently move documents between these content repositories, as needed, to serve the given business need.


  • Ensure tamper-proof storage: Robust authentication capabilities, including time stamps and system signatures, mean that you cannot only be confident that enterprise content is genuine and accurate, but you can prove it.
  • Safeguard content for disaster recovery: Ensure that business-critical content is stored safely in multiple physical locations. Specify heightened security requirements for specific documents.
  • Provide immediate information access with powerful federated search: Extend SharePoint search, enabling users to simultaneously search across active content in SharePoint databases as well as archived records within eDOCS. A consolidated result list separates according to online or archived storage, enabling users to quickly identify which documents are in a final state and have been archived.
  • Ensure preservation of discoverable records: Apply a hold to the record, or to multiple records at once from the search results page. Applying a hold to a record freezes its lifecycle, and ensures that it cannot be deleted under any circumstances.
  • Integrate with other ECM systems: Make the most of existing investments by accessing advanced eDOCS ECM functionality—including document management, workflow, secure external collaboration, and reporting.

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