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OpenText Email Filing eDOCS Edition

Increased compliance and organization of emails

Emails are the primary form of business communication today and contain important information about your clients, projects, and matters. Yet the ever-growing volume of email often leads to “content chaos” – burdened email servers, increased compliance risk, and the inability of staff to locate content in those emails when searching.

OpenText™ eDOCS, Email Filing helps you gain control. Email Filing integrates seamlessly with OpenText™ eDOCS, Document Management – providing user-friendly and time-saving tools to capture, organize and classify emails alongside related content in the eDOCS library. This not only lowers your compliance risk, allowing you to comply with privacy and corporate governance requirements, but it reduces time spent searching for information. Users can quickly locate all related client or project-based documents and emails with a single search.

Learn how to automatically file emails with case content to manage email content chaos and gain ROI.


  • Capture emails alongside related work product – from your desktop or mobile device
  • Maximize the value of the business content stored in emails
  • Gain a complete, holistic view into a client, project or matter
  • Increase your organization’s return on investment (ROI) and compliance status


  • The Email Marker function visually identifies which emails have been saved in the eDOCS library from within the Outlook interface
  • The Bulk Filing feature allows large quantities of email to be filed quickly and easily
  • Thread and subject filing ensures any email associated with an existing thread (that has already been saved) is filed automatically
  • An Email Filing Assistant analyzes message history and inbound email addresses to automatically suggest the best place to store them in the eDOCS library
  • The Quick Filing function offers predictive filing suggestions and is accessed via a button on the Outlook ribbon or with a right mouse click
  • The Exchange Connector allows the Auto, Thread, and Subject Filing processes to retrieve email directly from the Microsoft Exchange® server instead of the Outlook client-based machine. Users can file email in real time on remote devices or web-based interfaces without having to run their client machine


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