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OpenText Records Management eDOCS Edition (eDOCS RM)

Secure, automated, all-in-one records management for your electronic and physical content

In today’s environment of growing regulation, increased requirements for recordkeeping, and escalating penalties for non-compliance – records management needs to be a top priority. Proactive organizations are formalizing records policies and are looking to integrated records management systems to protect, organize, and manage the entire lifecycle of critical content.

OpenText™ eDOCS, Records Management provides a completely secure, feature-rich, records management solution that operates from within your existing eDOCS library. When combined with records management best practices, eDOCS it helps establish comprehensive lifecycle management of paper and electronic records in a single location.

Watch this short video and see how eDOCS provides a seamless and transparent user experience for managing records.

Key Features

  • Seamless user experience - When enabled, the eDOCS RM functionality appears within the Classic DM Extensions interface. Leveraging the already familiar interface increases user adoption, reduces training costs, and ensures greater application of records policies to content.
  • A single repository of record - Records are not stored in a separate repository, but are kept in the common eDOCS Library creating a single repository of record. This delivers operational efficiencies, eases administrative burdens, and minimizes costs.
  • Management of paper and digital records - eDOCS RM allows organizations to classify not only traditional paper content as records, but also electronic documents, email, scanned images, and rich media as well. This reduces risk exposure for organizations, averting the consequences of failure to comply with established retention policies and reduces the costs associated with discovery and litigation holds.
  • Comprehensive security model - ensures appropriate security, including protection against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage of personal or corporate business data.
  • Real-time, remote access – Using an iOS smartphone app, users can process bar codes and work in real-time to fulfill records requests, assign files to boxes or locations and update inventory.

Business Needs Met

  • Compliance with regulation – eDOCS RM provides long-term access, audit and retention control of all content, enabling firms to prove not only their system of controls and the actions taken but also their compliance with established risk management policies.
  • Protection against security breaches – Throughout the content lifecycle, a dynamic evolution of access rights is granted, revoked, and fine-tuned to balance knowledge management needs with compliance and information safekeeping requirements. eDOCS RM is designed to seamlessly manage this custodial chain of access. Records are categorized in a taxonomy-based file plan with security settings defining access and management permissions, and granular functional permissions enable centralized policy definitions and delegated stewardship of content assets.
  • Defensibility of records – Certain regulations not only require organizations to retain any corporate records relating to correspondence by brokers or dealers, but also to specify acceptable storage mediums. eDOCS RM integrates with OpenText™ Archive Services and EMC Centera to provide a regulatory approved solution for the storage and retention of fixed digital assets.
  • Increased productivity – By enabling business users to transparently associate retention codes to records while they work, records managers can spend more time on ensuring corporate records policies are communicated, controlled, and enforced rather than on filing records.
  • Reduced content stores – By reviewing and destroying records at the end of their useful life, in accordance with established records policies, firms can reduce the volume of records stored.
  • Actionable intelligence – Integration with OpenText Business Intelligence™ provides a variety of preconfigured reports that provide snapshot views of information relating to vital records or items ready for disposition or destruction. Records managers and system administrators can easily design tailored reports for use across the organization and for in-depth analysis to prove compliance with established policies and identify new opportunities for efficiency.