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OpenText Library and Collection Management

Certain knowledge assets demand special attention in order to effectively leverage your considerable investment. Whether published books and journals, technical research reports, or white papers and presentations, expert content represents your organizations’ intellectual and cultural heritage; when it is collected and organized for optimal access and reuse, it provides a record of institutional achievement, improves productivity, and drives innovation.

Corporate Libraries and Innovation Centers face constant pressure to improve service levels and to find new ways to increase the value, visibility and accessibility of their organization's intellectual capital. Whether your collection includes research reports, clinical literature, patents, documentation, media programming, museum objects or enterprise archives, the proper administration of this research-quality content requires the right tools.

OpenText™ Library and Collection Management provides a general purpose application for optimizing knowledge assets, complete with an integrated library system to automate cataloging, searching, circulation, serials control and acquisitions functions. The platform is ideal for search-centric solutions that ensure productive utilization of large collections of related content with dense subject matter and unique terminology.

OpenText Library and Collection Management is deployed in major commercial and government centers and heritage institutions for research management and is used for document publishing, library automation, institutional repositories, museum collection management and enterprise archives.

Library and Collection Management Products