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OpenText Library Management

Consolidate physical and digital collections

Corporate libraries require a platform to manage digital content, electronic resources, multimedia, and print materials. OpenText™ Library Management (formerly Livelink for Libraries, or Techlib) is a web-based, integrated library system for managing library resources, including traditional and digital collections, and automating daily library operations. It provides the tools necessary to meet the rapidly changing requirements of the digital library.

Library Management streamlines and facilitates the day-to-day operations of a corporate, government, or organizational library. Comprised of a set of modules, it provides:

  • Patron and self-service
  • Cataloging and maintenance of library materials
  • Circulation processing
  • Receiving and routing of serial publications
  • Management of the purchasing process for published materials
  • Flexible policy administration


  • Maximize return on your knowledge assets
  • Protect intellectual capital
  • Expand research productivity
  • Save money by centralizing resources
  • Make better business decisions


  • Fully integrated modular design: Library Management offers a completely integrated library system with two core components: The Online Patron Access Catalog (OPAC) for library users  provides an easy-to-use, web browser interface with unified search of bibliographic records and digital content; and an Administration component which is a convenient web browser interface for library staff that includes modules for cataloging, circulation, serials, acquisitions and for managing system parameters.
  • Highly configurable library-specific parameters: Equally suited to organizations with one or with many library locations, system parameters can be defined globally or to accommodate individual library policies. Options include staff privileges, material, collection and patron types, loans policies, classification scheme and reporting options.
  • Support for digital collection management: Digital collections capabilities enable you to effectively integrate knowledge assets in physical and electronic forms. Digital content in many formats can be attached to catalog records to add value to the collection with document full text, reviews, cover art, tables of contents and more.
  • Dynamic authority control: Authority control is provided by an ANSI standard thesaurus that is automatically active during retrieval and data entry. During cataloging, the interactive validation alerts you to improper entries, and has an override function. Term switching capabilities automatically change a non-preferred to preferred form. During searching, you can browse and select terms from the authority file as well as experience search redirection to the preferred form.
  • Standards-based open architecture for extensive customization: Library Management uses a standard open architecture on an application server, thereby centralizing all customization activities. In addition, the database schema is fully exposed and may be modified to meet local data requirements. Library Management is designed to be customizable, yet it is still supported by OpenText and will be upgraded with each new release.
  • Flexible report generation: Report templates provide maximum flexibility to meet local reporting needs; the standard report toolkit uses Jasper Reports.