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OpenText MIM

Leverage your existing systems and data as part of your business improvements

Managing outdated legacy systems, keeping up with new service-oriented architecture mandates, and tracking critical data transfers is complex and cumbersome. Data transfer delays or missing files can slow down operations and lead to lost revenue. Homegrown solutions require enormous amounts of time and money for upkeep.

OpenText™ MIM (formerly Metastorm Integration & Managed File Transfer) solution provides a single platform for you to manage both batch and real-time, system-based integrations and processes complete with an audit trail to ensure operational success.

With OpenText MIM, your organization can:

  • Track high volume transaction and data transfers and file content from a centralized dashboard
  • Ensure corporate data and auditing compliance requirements
  • Enhance agility and visibility into end-to-end process activities at the system, data and human interaction levels
  • Tie legacy systems into new SOA environments
  • Simplify interactions with your existing legacy systems and data by integrating them into your improved business processes