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OpenText AXS-One Archive

Simplify and reduce the cost of information governance and eDiscovery while lowering risks related to organizational data

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OpenText™AXS-One Archive is secure, highly scalable archiving software for managing the preservation, collection, review and disposal of structured and unstructured data. Systematically store or delete data according to your custom-built internal policies. Manage legal cases and perform litigation holds in the archive and easily find information.

  • Simplify information governance, compliance and eDiscovery with a single, secure archive for all types of electronic data.
  • Reduce costs and IT administration; facilitate corporate policies for retention and disposition of all corporate records.
  • Deliver fully compliant audit trails and full chain of custody process through secure logs of all activity.
  • Reduce the risks of eDiscovery through automated processes that enforce record retention, disposition, legal holds and legal notifications in accordance with company policies.

OpenText AXS-One Archive lets you archive any type of content:

  • Email: Archive all email types, including Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft® Office 365™, IBM® Notes Domino®, Gmail, and even include attachments and calendar invites.
  • File systems: Collect and archive data from file shares, delete files based on retention policies, and apply de-duplication, bringing both current and historical data into compliance.
  • Microsoft content: Archive all Microsoft® content types including: Microsoft® Exchange, Microsoft® Office 365™, SharePoint®, Lync® Messages, and Office products.
  • Social media: Connect to social media accounts and archive the full message trail for a full audit trail of all activity.
  • Legacy applications: Unload data from application databases to allow organizations to retire legacy applications.
  • Structured data: Archive and apply policies to structured data such as financial reports, transactions, customer relationship software, and front office reports.


With OpenText AXS-One Archive, you can start with just email archiving or include all of your critical data to address your compliance and governance needs. We’ve built an archive platform that’s highly scalable, thanks to its unique no-database architecture.

Comprehensive Data Sources

Proactively manage all your data (not just email) within a unified archive, optimize storage to save costs and mitigate corporate compliance costs and risks knowing your data is secure in a single information archiving solution.


OpenText AXS-One Archive offers a Supervision module to help clients mitigate the risks associated with messaging by scanning the content of all archived email, instant messages, and attachments for suspicious content. When found, the Supervision module automatically routes the message to the supervisor’s queue for review and action.

Data Management

Manage your data throughout the entire information lifecycle with retention categories based on user groups, content types, and meta-data with a complete record history log.

  • Information Governance: Ability to proactively manage all of your data within a unified archive, optimizing storage to save costs and mitigating corporate compliance costs and risks.
  • Automated Workflows: Simplified and automated workflows to help make decisions on which records to dispose of and how to classify them for future use.
  • Data Management: Automatically de-dupe, categorize, and index all of the information in the archive. This enables enterprise scalability for large volumes and longer retention periods.
  • Retention Policies: Automatically apply retention policies to all of your vital business data to support legal and compliance requirements, and reclaim your primary storage.
  • End-User Access: Watch productivity soar by giving end-users self-service access to their archived emails and SharePoint data—no end user training required.

Data Visibility

By capturing all of your data in OpenText AXS-One Archive, IT and Legal are able to manage policies, monitor and assess data risks, and review audit trails to ensure compliance with regulations.

  • Improved Productivity: Increased visibility and knowledge of all your data. Ensure email archiving compliance with your internal policies and regulations, increase IT efficiency, and support litigation readiness.
  • Iterative Search: Industry leading iterative searching, allowing queries to be refined over multiple searches for accuracy and improved employee productivity.
  • Robust Search: OpenText AXS-One Archive powerful search tool enables you to search across all content data types and view results within seconds.
  • Personal Use: End-users can access their personal archive right from Microsoft® Outlook® and Microsoft® Office 365™, ensuring that a message is never accidentally deleted.
  • Data Accuracy: Monitor and audit your data for accuracy and quality, and use real-time audit reports to find out what information is being accessed.

OpenText and Microsoft® Partnership for Office 365™ Archiving

Compliance and legal requirements are no longer about email alone. These have extended beyond Microsoft content into social media, instant messaging, and file servers, to name just a few. In tandem with the Microsoft® Office 365™ platform, OpenText AXS-One Archive delivers a complete information governance solution that provides compliance, litigation readiness, and risk mitigation for your organization.

  • Single and complete archive: Keep all of your data—including non-Microsoft content— in one unified data archive so you can search and perform eDiscovery from one central location.
  • Immutability and preservation by design: By implementing OpenText AXS-One Archive with Microsoft® Office 365™, your data is automatically protected from alteration and non-compliant deletion, greatly reducing the risk of spoliation or destruction of evidence allegations.
  • Full audit trail and defensibility: Ensure data integrity and chain of custody of content and activities within the archive for the entire data lifecycle.
  • Filter and review within the archive: Easily search, review and export your data. Cull down large data sets using sophisticated search tool. Review your search results to ensure only relevant data is turned over for full eDiscovery treatment. Export to appropriate formats to save time and money.
  • Advanced Enterprise Search: Increase productivity by searching all of your critical business information, including non-Microsoft content, in one pass.
  • Keeping up with growing volumes: Data is accumulating and volumes are growing at rates that are nearly incomprehensible—so much so that it becomes hard for companies to anticipate their future archiving needs. OpenText AXS-One Archive, like Microsoft® Office 365™, is built to scale up on demand. Thanks to its unique no-rational database architecture, the OpenText AXS-One Archive can easily scale up thus easily keeping up with all your archiving needs.