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OpenText Composer CipherSoft

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OpenText™ Composer CipherSoft is a software product that automatically converts existing Oracle Forms and PL/SQL applications to open and standards based technologies such as Java, XML and browser based solutions. The product will also convert the PL/SQL within the database to standard Java classes, EJB Session Beans or leave it in the database unchanged and generate the appropriate code to invoke these program units from the converted Form, library and menu modules. The Forms themselves are converted to XML based displays that run within the Java based interface.

Composer CipherSoft is highly automated, requiring little to no manual coding. It is available as a licensed product or as a service we perform for you.

Organizations have built very successful applications in Oracle Forms but are looking to modernize their applications with current technologies to keep them relevant. Composer CipherSoft is a software product that automatically converts Oracle Forms and PL/SQL code to Java and Java EE. It produces pure Java code that is easily maintainable and portable and doesn’t require any third party tools or plug-ins. By automating the migration process, Composer CipherSoft reduces the costs and risks of manual conversion and produces Java business applications that are fully maintainable, completely portable, and database independent. Converted code adheres to all of the latest Java standards and can be maintained and extended after conversion.

With Composer CipherSoft you have options. You can license Composer CipherSoft, obtain training from our team and perform the conversion work yourself, or, you can have our team perform the project conversion.

Benefits of Automated Conversion:

  • Stay competitive: By moving to more open platforms, you can standardize business applications on current environments.
  • Reduce costs: Significantly reduce costs using an automated tool versus manually converting applications.
  • Retain original business logic and code: After conversion the resulting application retains the same business logic and code structure as the original application.
  • Remove human error from migration projects: The automated process greatly lowers conversion risks by removing human error. As well, converted applications are fully maintainable and flexible, making it simple to modify converted applications when necessary.
  • Reduce need for retraining by utilizing efficient migration products: The same look and feel of the original application is retained to minimize end user training and streamline the testing process. However templates can be defined for modernizing the look and feel of the application as part of the automated migration process.
  • Migrates Oracle Forms and PL/SQL to Java EE: Significantly lowers conversion risks through automation by removing human error. Converted applications are fully maintainable and flexible, making them simple to modify when necessary.
  • Oracle Forms to ADF: Composer CipherSoft – ADF is an automated conversion product that migrates Oracle Forms to Oracle ADF, including Oracle Menus, Libraries, Triggers and all semantic content.
  • Converts Oracle Menus, Triggers, and Libraries (including all PL/SQL code within libraries): By automating the migration process, Composer CipherSoft removes the risk of human error and produces standardized business applications that are fully maintainable, helping companies stay competitive. Composer CipherSoft is the only product available that can extract business logic out of Oracle applications, automatically converting it to Java.
  • Produces native Java/XML code: The Java/XML code produced post conversion is 100% maintainable and completely portable, producing applications that are database independent, more manageable and cost-effective. The converted code adheres to all of the latest Java standards.
  • Maintains semantic content and coding standards: Converted code keeps effectively the same structure and standards as its predecessor. Composer CipherSoft also preserves all semantic content, making it simple for developers to maintain and modify converted applications. Form names stay the same so clients can quickly start maintaining the converted application.
  • Does not create wrapper classes: Wrapping makes it almost impossible to take advantage of new designs or features in the development environment. Eliminating wrappers is a must for companies moving toward platform independence from proprietary solutions. There are no proprietary software licenses required to run the converted code produced with Composer CipherSoft as the converted application is 100% Java EE code.
  • Produces multi-tier architecture: A multi-tier architecture efficiently distributes programming and data throughout a network, allowing a single runtime node to exist on separate physical machines or may co-exist on the same machine. An advantage to maintaining this type of architecture is the integration of EIS (Enterprise Information Systems), Java EE connector architecture and a well-defined contract and API between tiers and system.
  • Allows database connectivity via JDBC: JDBC offers the scalability, reliability and security of the Java EE framework. JDBC is also extremely portable and allows the client to easily integrate the converted application with other applications.
  • Integrates Oracle architectures: JDeveloper, Oracle Application Server and Oracle Application Development Framework, (ADF Faces) can all be part of the new application deployment.