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OpenText Composer Notes

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Software for Automated Migration of Notes Applications Makes Previously Insurmountable Migration Projects Manageable and Cost-Effective.

OpenText™ Composer Notes provides automated, like-for-like migration to the Microsoft platform through a proven methodology and feature-rich set of tools. As a result of the automated conversion, little additional coding is required, delivering the new Microsoft-based application quickly and cost effectively.

Using Composer Notes, organizations can automate the migration of Lotus Notes applications to the Microsoft .NET environment without investments in costly or risky application rewrites or replacement efforts. Composer Notes automatically converts and compiles complex Lotus Notes applications to Microsoft while preserving the business logic and User Interface, in order to minimize disruption for end users.

Benefits of Composer Notes:

  • Minimal Disruption: With a like-for-like migration, the application looks and feels the same for end users, minimizes retraining efforts and speeds end user adoption of the new application.
  • Rapid Adoption: Enables enterprises to quickly adopt core applications on the modernized Microsoft platform driving business agility and increasing competitive advantage.
  • Leverage & Extend: Leverages past development investments to deliver a risk-free, production-ready application.
  • Data Migration to a RDBMS of all the Notes document data: Higher scalability of RDBMS products. Better application performance; faster queries. Ability to leverage power of Excel and/or other Business Intelligence (BI)/Reporting Solutions.
  • Web-Enabled ASP.NET Application: Flexibility; can be deployed as Web solution. Less overhead for solution deployment. Ability for the organization to enhance operations.
  • Complete Source Code & Documentation: Customer takes ownership of the application. Easy to support the application. Customize your solution after the conversion (modify, extend, enhance).

With Composer, Lotus Notes applications are decomposed and re-assembled:

  • Business logic is converted to C# classes and methods, all managed using Visual Studio
  • Data from the Lotus Notes application is migrated into a SQLServer or Oracle database repository
  • User Interfaces are converted to HTM/ASP markup in ASP.NET Web pages (aspx) and user controls (ascx)
  • ACL security is mapped into the Microsoft Active Directory Services

The Composer Notes software tool set includes:

  • Composer Application Analyzer: The Composer Application Analyzer provides a detailed application analysis that identifies the usage and functionality of each attribute within a Notes application to determine complexity and the target platform. It identifies redundant code in order to ensure that only the business logic needed to preserve functionality is migrated. As part of the project methodology, also analyzed are the applications’ external interfaces, dependent databases and third party products, or implementation code that may require manual attention.
  • Composer Application Converter: The Composer Application Converter migrates the entire Notes application, including business logic and workflow (including LotusScript) to the Microsoft platform. Composer converts the components of the Lotus Notes architecture to the corresponding Microsoft technologies of C#, ASPX, Active Directory and SQL Server.