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OpenText Gupta ACCELL

Dynamic tools to help your organization create business applications

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Cost-effective development of character-based client/server applications. The highly productive 4GL application development suite and database software for developing and deploying data-rich applications. ACCELL/SQL for all databases and OpenText™ Gupta DataServer provides a complete data management solution selected by thousands of organizations worldwide for its high performance, ease of integration and low total cost of ownership.

Deliver High-Performance Client/Server Applications

ACCELL/SQL is an integrated rapid application development suite for building a wide range of character, host and Web-based applications. ACCELL/SQL delivers sophisticated, data-rich applications on time and on budget – providing application developers with the most productive, easy-to-use development suite for getting applications built fast. Using ACCELL/SQL, development teams can productively and easily construct sophisticated data centric forms and business logic with minimal development time. In certain cases developers can reduce their application development time by 50 percent due to ACCELL/SQL’s powerful components.

Rapid Application Development

The ACCELL/SQL development system includes powerful components for creating complex, data-intensive applications. ACCELL/SQL offers a modular architecture that combines an application generator, Gupta Technologies business language, interactive debugger with standard database interface and network connectivity components for highly productive rapid application development. Using the ACCELL/SQL application generator to create forms, developers can either paint a screen from scratch or use an automatically created default form.

    Powerful 4GL-based rapid application development software for the cost-effective development of character-based client/server applications. ACCELL/SQL utilizes native optimized connectivity for Gupta Technologies, Oracle, Sybase and Informix databases.
  • ACCELL/Web
    ACCELL/Web quickly turns existing ACCELL/SQL applications into fully featured graphical Web-browser based applications without the requirement for any source code modifications.
    Powerful 4GL-based rapid application development software for the cost-effective development of character based applications for the Gupta Technologies DataServer ELS database.