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OpenText Gupta DataServer

Powerful, easy to use, scalable multi-platform database server for enterprise database applications

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OpenText Gupta DataServer is a powerful database platform that provides a complete data management solution. DataServer® provides high reliability across a variety of applications making it suitable for high-volume production environments. High compliance with standards, scalability, ease of use, and low infrastructure requirements result in reduced costs and all are key reasons thousands of organizations worldwide look to OpenText Gupta solutions for their database needs.

OpenText Gupta DataServer offers all the features necessary for enterprise database applications:.

  • Stored Procedures and Triggers
  • UNICODE support
  • XML support, DataServer data can be updated by XML documents and query results can be written to XML files, XML import and export is provided as well
  • ODBC and JDBC drivers included
  • Support of multi-processor computers
  • Supports row level locking
  • Industry standard Outer Join syntax
  • Linux, Unix and Windows platform support

Embedded Database DataServer ELS

OpenText Gupta DataServer ELS is a leader in performance and reliability for small- to medium-sized embedded database applications. DataServer ELS is ideal for applications requiring a high performance database with low maintenance and at a low cost. Customers love the ELS database because applications literally "just work" for years.

Scalability for DataServer ELS

DataServer allows seamless upgrades for DataServer ELS (RDBMS) applications to take advantage of the enterprise features of DataServer. HLI applications easily migrate to DataServer with little, if any, modifications and automatically capitalize on improvements in record locking and transaction control.

Upgrade from DataServer ELS to DataServer 9.1 to enjoy the benefits of a standard SQL language and improved record locking and transaction control, as well as improved performance and Web-enabled applications.