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OpenText Gupta Q

Leverage easy-to-use queries, reporting and data management for end users

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OpenText™ Gupta Q is for tasks like querying the latest marketing campaign data and providing the data as PDFs to colleagues and agencies. Q is also used for unloading database tables and uploading the data into other systems or loading data from Excel into databases. With Gupta Q, employees will always have the latest data points for decision support and to exchange data with other systems or outside agencies such as outsourced marketing campaigns.

Gupta Q simplifies end user data access, leading to higher enterprise productivity. Gupta Q’s intuitive user interface allows users to create Queries, Reports and Business Graphs with just a few mouse clicks. Reports and Graphs can be shared using PDF documents. Data can be exported in several formats and shared with other users, systems or agencies. Advanced users can be granted access to edit database content, create tables, and manage data.

Q for ISVs

Gupta Technologies Q is a very useful tool for database application end users. Application users can use Q to create custom queries and reporting not included with applications. They can use Q to customize existing application reports and edit data that is not available for editing from application screens (if allowed to).

The powerful and easy to use information sharing capabilities of Q allow for very easy data, report and query exchange with colleagues, management, customers and external agencies. Gupta Technologies Q supports export/import for Excel, CSV, XML and text files. Query results can be saved as HTML files and reports can be published as PDF documents.

Gupta Technologies provides a special Embedded Deployment Pack (EDP) for ISVs that want to deploy their applications bundled with Gupta Technologies Q.

The Q EDP allows ISVs to create combined installers for applications including Q. The end user will only see one installation being executed to install the application including Q.

Gupta Technologies Q is for mid-tier managers, information workers, IT managers, IT personnel, developers and application end users to help them get their job done quickly and easily.

  • Mid-tier managers and information workers
    Gather facts for meetings and business decisions. Using Q, mid-tier managers and information workers can provide the best data foundation for sound business intelligence. Once queries and reports for business intelligence have been created, they can be shared in a multitude of ways, for example as excel files and PDF documents, or simply by sharing the query file that can be executed by others.
  • IT managers and IT personnel
    Update non-integrated internal systems. IT can use Q to integrate data pools after company mergers and create MIS reports for management. Q can also be used to provide reports on latest website metrics, marketing campaign results, revenue figures and much more. IT also benefits from the data editing and import/export capabilities of Q that help to keep data up to date and allows getting everyday database management tasks done.
  • Developers
    Utilize Gupta Technologies Q to synch development, testing and production databases. Using Q, developers can create database modification scripts for deployed applications. They can very easily create test data for their development purposes and simulate multi-user access to the database. They can update and insert data into tables that cannot be maintained by apps. Gupta Technologies Q helps developers create documentation reports that document the application data model.
  • Application users
    Create reports that are not part of applications and to modify application reports to their requirements. Gupta Technologies Q can be used to maintain and manage personal data including maintaining and merging personal Outlook contacts with contacts from other sources. Gupta Technologies Q can be used by application users to update data that is not editable via application screens (if allowed to).
  • Personal Query Management
    Build queries to see the latest quarterly revenue numbers, monitor the success of online campaigns or see the performance of your online store. Data stored in your organization’s database can be queried and turned into useful information by Gupta Technologies Q. Query results can be exported into a variety of formats or turned into stunning reports to share with team members, management and external service providers.
  • Personal Report Management
    Turn your database queries into stunning reports, including images, graphs and powerful cross tab reports. Gupta Technologies Q offers powerful but easy tools to format reports including watermarks, text rotation and conditional formatting. When done save the report as a PDF file and share it with friends and colleagues. Or print a serial letter to invite customers to an event.
  • Personal Information Sharing
    Unload data to Excel, XML, or HTML files. Import data into new or existing database tables. Edit data content using the powerful and easy to use Q Table Activity. Update data that cannot be edited by application screens. Create new tables from complex queries. Load data from Oracle or SQL Server databases into a local SQLBase database. Create SQL script files for complex aggregation queries or data update procedures. Share exported query data or table exports in Excel format with friends, colleagues and customers.
  • Gupta Technologies Q supports the following document formats for data sharing: Excel, CSV, text, XML, HTML, PDF, and Rich Text files.