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SMB DatabaseOpenText™ Gupta SQLBase

Automate maintenance with an embeddable web and SMB database

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OpenText Gupta SQLBase overview

OpenText™ Gupta SQLBase is a fully-relational, high-performance and embeddable web database for Windows and Linux. With automated deployment, configuration and maintenance, Gupta SQLBase offers a self-recovering and highly-automated architecture to ensure reliable operation without constant maintenance. Gupta SQLBase’s small footprint and low TCO make it the embedded database of choice for ISVs and organizations around the world.

OpenText Gupta SQLBase features

  • Multi-threaded power for Windows and Linux

    Provides a powerful, embedded database for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and Linux (64-bit).

  • Highly secure database

    Uses a powerful 256-bit AES database encryption and a 256-bit SSL transmission encryption for high security.

  • Comprehensive software development support

    Offers an array of modern database drivers that connect with applications and services created by virtually any software development.

  • Easy, automated database administration

    Provides tools for automated maintenance to centrally configure tasks.

OpenText Gupta SQLBase benefits

  • Easy licensing and easy deployment

    Distribute Gupta SQLBase alongside software solutions as an Embedded Deployment Pack (EDP).

  • Automated installation and maintenance

    Reduce total cost of ownership of software solutions through automated deployment, maintenance and configuration.

  • Great SMB web database

    Integrate the work process with OpenText™ Gupta TD web and mobile apps for great application distribution.

  • Great companion for desktop applications

    Build initial application database structures with easy deployment options.

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“The right choice for us then was OpenText Gupta SQLBase, and it would still be the best choice today. For more than 25 years, it has been possible for us to stay on OpenText SQLBase as our primary database engine.”

Kim Wagner Jensen, Business and customer care director, Auditdata

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“Over the last 20 years, the maintenance and stability of the OpenText Gupta SQLBase product have been very good. We really haven’t experienced any issues, which is always good for me in my role as the product owner.”

Andreas Di Meo, Product management/product development, Vanderbilt Industries

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